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Seasons in Axie Infinity What You Need to Know

Sep 29,2021


Seasons in Axie Infinity: What You Need to Know

The introduction of seasons in video games has spread throughout the gaming industry and was incorporated by games from varying genres.  Popular games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and a multitude of mobile games all adopt the seasonal format. Axie Infinity also uses this format. What are Seasons? Seasons, when it comes to video …

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Sep 15,2021


How the Axie Infinity Economy Works

A famous question in Axie Infinity is: “Can you really earn money from playing a cute pet game?“ Yes, you absolutely can, because Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based “play-to-earn” game. Investing money into NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games like Axie Infinity can be profitable. Axie Infinity has close to 1 million daily players and millions of …

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10 Axie Infinity Tips and Tricks

Axie Infinity is the new talk of the town NFT game that probably even your grandma has heard about....

Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Axie Infinity

If you’re an avid internet user and are up-to-date with the happenings around the world, you may have...

Axie Infinity: What Are Secret Axie Classes?

Among the traditional Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Plant, and Reptile classes, there are other lurking...

The Perks Of Playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the hottest play-to-earn games right now. Many players, scholars, managers,...

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing Axie Infinity

I’ve been playing Axie Infinity for quite a while now, although I’m still relatively new to these kinds...

How To Download Axie Infinity On Android

Playing Axie Infinity on PC comes with hassles. You can't go anywhere, and you can't take it anywhere...

Axie Infinity: How To Tell If A Card Is Good or Bad

Every Axie card has its pros and cons. What makes all of them similar is that they serve different purposes...

Axie Infinity: Are Zero-Cost Cards Good?

“Always save your energy.” Everyone in Axie Infinity knows this phrase. It’s a beginner’s tactic...

How to Earn SLP in Adventure Mode

Smooth Love Potion is one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies on the market.  With the...

PvE Or PvP?: How To Choose Axies For Adventure And Arena

Axie Infinity has two game modes where players can earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP): adventure and...


Jan 07,2022


Card Spotlight: Anaesthetic Bait

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Bug card, “Anesthetic Bait.” As of December 2021, this card has 60 base damage, provides 90 shields, and costs 1 energy. When struck by Aquatic or Bird class cards, Anesthetic Bait applies Stun on the opposing attacker. You can check out all of Axie Infinity’s …

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