The Birds And The Beasts: How To Breed Axies

So, you finally want to learn where (Axie) babies come from huh? 

Well, look no further than this guide, as we’ll be taking a dive into how Axies are bred, as well as what it takes to be a great breeder! 

We’ll also go over a few techniques that are used by breeders all over the world in order to efficiently produce high-quality Axies.

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What is Breeding?

Breeding, in Axie Infinity, is where players can get desirable traits from two Axies and combine them into a single new Axie. 


Through breeding, one can create Axies that have amazing qualities and move sets. They could then be used in earning SLP by playing the game or sold for high returns at the marketplace.

How Does Breeding Work?

There are a lot of factors to consider when breeding two Axies together. Factors like their genetic traits, possible mutations, and the chances of attaining specific parts are all taken into consideration. 


As you may already know, there are 6 body parts and a body shape that make up one Axie. For each body part, there are 3 genetic traits present: a dominant (D), recessive (R1) and minor recessive (R2) gene. These genes determine the body part that will be present in the offspring. Specifically, the dominant gene is what is physically present in the body of an Axie.

Genes have a chance to be passed down and be physically manifested by the offspring and they go as follows:

  • Dominant (D): 37.5% chance 
  • Recessive (R1): 9.375% chance
  • Minor Recessive (R2): 3.125% chance

When it comes to the class of the offspring, Axies whose parents are both from the same class are certain to inherit the same class. On the other hand, if Axies from 2 different classes are bred, there is a 50% chance of the offspring inheriting either of the two. However, there are secret classes in Axie Infinity where if you breed 2 specific classes of Axie, there is a chance for the offspring to be born in one of the secret classes.

  • Dusk: 33% chance when breeding a pure Aquatic with a pure Reptile.
  • Mech: 33% chance when breeding a pure Bug with a pure Beast.
  • Dawn: 33% chance when breeding a pure Bird with a pure Plant.

If you want to learn about what makes each class different as well as the bonuses they enjoy, check this article out:

The Art of Axie: A Comprehensive Guide To Battles And PVP


Each recessive gene has a 10% chance of mutating into an entirely different trait that is not present in either parent. It’s also important to note that dominant traits cannot mutate and that each mutation will not influence the chances of the subsequent traits mutating as well, meaning they are independent.

Here are the chances whether a Mutation will occur or not:

Number of MutationsChance

There are also cases where non-pure Axies have mutated into pure ones, but it is extremely rare (and lucky).

Body Patterns

You may have also encountered Axies that have different body types. These body types are dependent on the parents and the illustration above shows the formula that determines which one an Axie will possess.

Breeding Calculators

f you’re having trouble manually calculating the chances and keeping track of the traits that you want the offspring to inherit, breeding calculators are your friend. Using a breeding calculator ensures that you will get the traits you desire, as well as minimize mistakes that you could possibly make. We recommend using a calculator such as this. You could also use this extension made by Freak.

There are several breeding methods used by breeders, namely the ABC looping and ABCD looping method. Since one cannot breed siblings and parent-child with each other, it is recommended that one use breeding loops. 


These loops ensure that you can keep breeding from 3-4 Axies infinitely. Lynnyl has these diagrams to help us out in understanding how breeding loops work.

Here’s a more visual representation if you’re still having trouble: 

Breeding Costs

Unfortunately, you must pay a fee if you want your Axies to breed. Here are the costs of breeding according to Axie Infinity’s Whitepaper.

Here are the approximate breeding costs as of September, 2021:

Breed CountBreed NumberSLP CostAXS Cost

It’s important to consider that there may be additional gas fees, as well as the AXS cost, since it may vary depending on the economic factors. You may also check this website out for breeding costs.


If you’ve successfully bred your Axies, you’ll receive an egg in your inventory, which can be morphed into an adult Axie after 5 days.

Step-by-step Breeding

  1. Go to your Inventory and select an Axie you want to breed with another Axie.
  2. Click on the breed button.
  3. Select the other Axie you want it to breed with.
  4. Click the Let’s Breed button.
  5. Check your inventory for the egg and wait 5 days for it to mature.

Pro Tips:

  • Virgin Axies (0/7 breeds) are more expensive than their non-virgin counterparts. If you plan to focus on breeding, it is advisable to buy virgin Axies since their breeding costs are lower than those who have already bred.
  • Like in real life, plan before breeding. Planning takes up most of the breeding process and if you want the perfect Axie, it is the most important part.
  • After planning, try running simulations using breeding calculators to check if the outcome is desirable and in your favor. 
  • Consider every possibility. Check if there is a high chance of an Axie inheriting an undesirable recessive gene. Re-evaluate your plan if the simulations show unwanted results.
  • Calculate and double-check breeding costs. Since prices fluctuate, you need to check how much you actually need before going to breed. It also helps to have a little more extra on-hand just in case.

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