Exploring Lunacia: Owning Land In Axie Infinity

Land is one of the best investments in real life. It does not depreciate in value (usually) and will remain in good condition. 

It also requires almost zero maintenance and since useful land is a finite and rapidly decreasing resource, its value can only shoot upwards. 

However, how different is the concept of owning land in reality versus owning land in one of the top NFT games in the market?

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What is Land in Axie Infinity?

Set in Lunacia, the world of Axies, land in Axie Infinity is similar to land in real life. If you own a plot of land, you will be able to build structures, decorate them, and explore the area.

Plots of land are made up of a 301×301 area and are filled with resources…and enemies called Chimera. 

So far, there isn’t much known about land in the game and some information is purely based on speculation.

Types of Land

There are 4 main types of land in Lunacia: Savannah, Forest, Arctic, and Mystic. There are also special types of land you can get, dubbed Genesis Land and Luna’s Landing. The initial sale of land put 17,207 plots of land in the Northwest Quadrant up for grabs. 

Land was originally sold in bundles called chests and came with different items depending on the type of chest one bought. There are also different types of land that vary in value, rarity, and location. 


Originally costing .05 ETH per chest, plots of land in Savannah are furthest from the center, which is why they are relatively the cheapest plots.

The Savannah chest came with at least 2 Rare items, 8 Common items, and an extremely low chance of containing Genesis Land (0.07%).  A total of 5,349 plots were available and sold. Marked in orange.


Forest chests originally cost 0.16 ETH at the time of sale as they are a bit closer to the center than the Savannah. They contained at least 10 Rare items and a very low chance of containing Genesis Land (0.22%). 

A total of 5,359 plots were available and sold. Marked in lime green.


The Arctic chest was priced at 0.45 ETH on release and contains 2 Epic, 3 Rare, and 5 Common items, and are the next closest to the center.

They also had a low chance of containing Genesis Land (0.63%). A total of 4,171 plots were available and sold. Marked in white.


Last of the 4 main land types–as well as the most valuable chest–the Mystic chest was originally priced at a whopping 1 ETH per unit. It included at least 1 Mystic, 3 Rare or higher, and 6 Common items. 

It also had the highest chance of giving a Genesis Land (1.4%)  A total of 2,238 plots were available and sold. Marked in steel blue.

The location of each plot of land is random, but buying multiple chests in one transaction ensures that each plot would be connected. Unfortunately, the initial sale already took place on January 21, 2019, so purchasing land this way will be impossible. 

However, you can still buy land, items, and other bundles at the marketplace, albeit at a much higher price (a Savannah plot starts at 3.85 ETH/$11,457 at the time of writing), or wait for the next land sale to commence.


Special types of land were also introduced and cannot be acquired through conventional means.

Genesis Land 

Each chest has a small chance of rolling one. This type of land surrounds Luna’s Landing and will contain special content such as raids and Chimera bosses–and the owner of the plot gets a cut of the spoils. 

Out of the 220 Genesis Land plots that are said to exist, 75 (34%) were rolled during the first sale of land. The following land sales will also offer fewer Genesis Land plots.

Luna’s Landing

Luna’s Landing is at the center of the Northwest Quadrant. This type of land will be used as an incentive to content creators and will be used as a stage for momentous events in the world of Axie Infinity. Lucky players who were able to collect a full set of items before May 22, 2019, were given a plot of land at Luna’s Landing.

What Can You Do with Land?


As previously stated, each chest had a chance of containing a certain number of items out of the 199 total. These items could then be placed in your plot of land and would provide Axies with increased stats such as higher speed or damage, speed of wood chopping, and increasing the amount of dropped Luna that can be collected. 

It’s also important to take note that an item may consume 1 or more spaces in your plot (a plot has 64 spaces), so if you have a lot of items, you may be forced to pick and choose your favorites.

More information can be found at the item sorter page here.


Resources are in-game items that can be earned, traded, and possibly sold in the future. Currently, here are the following resources available in land gameplay, as well as where they can be found, what they’re used for, and what they can probably do:

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) – Can be earned through fighting Chimeras.

Wood – Can be earned by chopping wood. Would probably be used as building material.

Stone – Can be earned at the Quarry by mining. Would also probably be used as building material.

Herb – Can be earned by visiting a Farmyard. Usage is still unknown, but speculations point to healing.

Gold (no icon yet) – Would probably be used as building material.

Goo, Crystal, and Ore – All currently unknown.

These resources can be harvested or dropped by Chimera; all of them tokenized.


The land of Lunacia has its own currency in the form of Luna. Not much is known, other than:

  • Luna was given to buyers during the land sale and could be used to buy additional portions of land. 
  • There is a small chance of dropping Luna when crossing another player’s plot, a chance that could then be increased by owning specific items.
  • Luna can be earned by harvesting at nodes, defeating bosses, and winning PvP tournaments. You can also gain Luna by creating content and being sponsored and charging players for resources or Chimera on your land.

Luna is reportedly used to: 

  • Buy Axies or special items, 
  • Buy potions/boosts
  • Buy upgrades 
  • Buy merchandise
  • To pay for marketplace commissions
  • To pay for advertising
  • And most important of all, governance and deciding what content can be added to the game


The information we have on buildings is also scant. Not much is known aside from the information that the homepage of Land Sales has given us. 

Battle Tent – Unknown; could be PvP-related

Dungeon – Grants access to Chimera battles

Farmyard – Grows herbs.

Food Shop – Sells food items; could be player-owned.

Hot Springs – Unknown; possibly provides healing

Igloo – Unknown.

Potion Shop – Sells potion items; could be player-owned.

Pond – Unknown; could be used for fishing.

Quarry – Used to gather stones

Residence – Unknown; could be a player or Axie housing/base.

Rivers – Cannot be passed by foot. Bridged over by roads.

Roads – Axies move 300% faster on roads.

Stone Statue – Unknown; could either provide buffs or purely decorative.

Trees – Can be cut down to collect wood.


Initial gameplay is reported to involve teleporting a team of Axies to specific resource/Chimera nodes on the map and having them walk back home afterward. There are also quests wherein you can turn in certain resources in exchange for rare tokenized items, blueprints, and skins. 

Land Gameplay Concept Art from Axie Infinity’s Whitepaper

No gameplay mechanic has been finalized/confirmed as of yet, and only a few pieces of information have been gathered. 

  • Travel may take a while (a few days up to a week, subject to change). This is where location advantage may come into play.
  • Chimeras may drop various resources and items that can be used to upgrade land or Axies. 
  • The pink squares on the map are both places where public resources or Chimera could spawn. They could also play a part in upcoming events and dungeons.
  • Alliances could be established and artifacts could be created that provide buffs to the whole alliance. Larger buildings could also be built to house alliances.
  • Lunacia has 7 moons which could affect gameplay.

The Future of Land

The future of land in Axie Infinity is an exciting frontier for NFT and play-to-earn games

Given the addition of new gameplay mechanics, as well as events and resources, it’s safe to expect that things will be interesting as these developments unfold on release. 

Although not a lot is known and no information is set in stone, the possibilities are limitless for the next stage of Axie gameplay.

This is simply Phase 1, and the next phase involves Lunacia SDK where players can create their games and art using pre-existing assets.

Important Notes:

  • Only 3 Axies can be assigned per plot of land, but they can be increased in the future via certain structures
  • On land you own, your Axies travel faster
  • Connected plots are better since they can accommodate more/bigger structures and they could still be viewed and managed in one huge plot, some items could also give buffs to other connected plots
  • Building structures are similar to the game Clash of Clans, they take time and resources to build, as well as take up spaces in your plot
  • Luna is an important currency and collecting it should be one of your top priorities
  • Keep your eyes peeled for news about when the next land sale will take place

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