How to Make a Resume for Axie Infinity

You’ve probably seen quite a few of these resumes for Axie Infinity scattered across the internet. Forums, Facebook groups, and even Twitter have tons of people posting their resumes and listing reasons why you should hire them as scholars.

If you want to get in on the trend of posting resumes online in hopes of finding a manager, I will lay down some tips and tricks you can use in order to increase your chances and stand out.

DISCLAIMER: Resumes aren’t required for you to get hired. Although there are managers that require them, most don’t. They either use Google Forms or skim through various discussion forums to find scholars.

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1. Use a Simple Resume Template

You don’t have to make one from scratch. There are many websites that offer resume templates.

Websites like CVMaker and NovoResume have great template options to choose from. I suggest choosing their most basic resume templates.

Most managers and Axie recruiters value their time over the design of your resume, which is why most of them don’t require it, and creating one with tons of designs and graphics is just a waste. Resumes are meant to save time, not waste it.

2. Only Put Relevant Information in Your Resume

You should only put in information relevant to the position you are applying for. Aside from standard information that are present in regular resumes like contact information and a short bio, Axie resumes should have information relevant to the game.

For example, if you are applying to be a scholar, only put in your experience that you think will be relevant, but stand out. Gaming experience, current job and occupation, as well as other factors as to why you should be hired as a scholar are good examples.

Some managers also look for scholars that have prior knowledge about NFTs and cryptocurrency, while others tend to lean on people that have played games similar to Axie Infinity, or played the game itself beforehand.

A good rule of thumb is to do research and check the background of potential managers in order to get a clear grasp of what they are looking for.

3. Keep Your Resume Concise

Speaking of saving time, your resume needs to be short, but sweet, and most of all, substantial. Edit your resume to be as short as possible, while keeping all relevant information intact.

This will save the manager time, especially if there are a lot of applicants, and they will seriously thank you for it. It will also help make your resume stand out, because yours will be easier to read and digest, increasing the likelihood of you getting hired.

Keep it concise to the manager’s interest as well. They mostly care that you will show up every day, put in your time, and constantly improve so that both you and they earn the maximum amount. That’s really it.

4. Keep Updating Your Resume

Don’t just use the same resume over long periods of time. If you feel like you have gained relevant experience, insert those in your resume.

Personally, I feel like a resume should be updated every 2-3 months to keep the information up-to-date. It also helps with checking if your resume is solid and accurate.

Keeping your resume updated will generally improve your odds, especially if you are always honing your skills and gaining experience.

5. Don’t Lie on Your Resume

Never EVER lie on your resume. You will be caught.

Don’t deceive managers by saying that you know how to play the game if you don’t. It will make things harder for both of you.

Your manager will be forced to look for another scholar if things don’t work out, and you will be left without a scholarship. There might even be a chance for you to get blacklisted, especially since Axie Infinity has such a tight-knit community. 

Just gain experience and use what you have to your advantage.

6. Proofread Your Resume

Lastly, always proofread your resumes. I can’t stress how important proofreading is when applying for any type of position.

Resumes with typographical and grammatical errors are a bit harder to read than usual, potentially making managers lose interest. A lot of managers also speak English as their primary language, so having a great command of it may pique their interest and net you more opportunities.

If you have a hard time proofreading, try to use an app like Grammarly. You could also ask for help from someone you know.

Important Notes

  • Make a simple, but substantial resume
  • Put in relevant strengths and experiences
  • Proofread your resumes
  • Always be truthful when writing resumes
  • Try to keep your resume updated and easily visible

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