Card Spotlight: Luna Absorb

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Beast card, “Luna Absorb.”

Luna Absorb

As of November 2021, this card deals no damage, provides 30 shields, and does not cost energy. It generates a point of energy when used.

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How Is Luna Absorb Used?

This card is mainly used to generate energy. It could also be used as a filler card that can dispel certain debuffs like Stun and Fear.

Because it does not cost energy, Luna Absorb is useful for triggering combo-based effects like Single Combat and Chomp if the player is low in energy.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Luna Absorb?

Most of the Axies that use this card are either the utility or damage-dealer Beasts. They use Luna Absorb to provide much-needed energy to the team.

If they have Single Combat, they can use Luna Absorb to activate its effect. 

Pros and Cons of the Luna Absorb Card


  • doesn’t cost energy
  • provides good shields
  • generates a point of energy


  • doesn’t deal damage

Luna Absorb Card Synergies

  • Piercing Sound
  • pairing this card with Luna Absorb creates a utility-centered Beast Axie that focuses on supporting the team rather than dealing damage
  • Ivory Stab
  • Ivory Stab could increase the potential energy gain of a team, especially when paired with Luna Absorb, and guaranteed critical strikes (Single Combat, Death Mark)
  • Single Combat
  • Single Combat benefits from Luna Absorb because the latter is a zero-cost card and can be used as a filler to activate combo-based effects
  • Rampant Howl, Death Mark, Revenge Arrow, Sinister Strike, Heroic Reward, Nitro Leap, Nut Crack, Branch Charge, Sugar Rush, 
  • high-damage Beast cards paired with Luna Absorb creates a potential damage-dealer Axie that also provides some utility to the team.

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