Axie Infinity Season 18 Reptile Card Tier List

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Reptile Axie but aren’t sure what cards to get, this tier list is for you.

I’ll be covering every Reptile move, as well as how strong they are when compared to other moves. I’ll also provide a bit of insight as to why they are strong or weak.

Take note that this tier list was made with certain parameters in mind. These cards were categorized based on their strength in low to moderate MMR (1000-2000+), pure Axies, and meta teams.

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Cards in this tier are must-haves on Reptiles.

  • Chomp is a strong offensive card that can lock opponents down
    • Stunned opponents cannot block attacks 
    • Leave them stunned after a combo so their next attack misses
    • One of the four Terminator cards
  • Spike Throw is a great for targeting enemy Axies
    • Targets the enemy that has the lowest shield
    • Excels at catching opponents off-guard and bursting backline Axies which are usually disadvantaged against Reptiles (Aquas and Birds)
  • Disarm offers good damage, shields, and inflicts Speed-
    • Slows the enemy for two rounds
    • Deals good damage
    • One of the best Reptile horn cards


Cards in this tier aren’t exactly the best, but they’re good substitutes.

  • Nile Strike deals decent damage and inflicts Speed- 
    • Slow the target for two rounds
    • Good for changing the play order
  • Tiny Swing is a good late-game card that deals more damage after the 4th round
    • It deals a lot of damage when it’s used in later rounds
    • Good to have on backline Reptiles, especially against Aquas and Birds
  • Surprise Invasion is a card that deals bonus damage against targets that are faster
    • Good for taking out faster Axies
    • One of the higher damage horn cards
  • Ivory Chop has pretty decent damage and shields 
    • Draws a card if your shields break


Cards in this tier aren’t necessarily bad, but they’re highly dependent on certain builds/teams.

  • Jar Barrage is a good defensive tail card
    • Negates additional damage that slips past the shield
    • Can be countered by using a relatively lower damage attack
  • Tiny Catapult is both an offensive and defensive move
    • It deals more damage than Bulkwark but only reflects ranged damage
  • Critical Escape reduces damage taken by 15%
    • Jar Barrage usually reduces more damage
  • Slippery Shield gives high shields
    • Reptiles aren’t usually built to serve as main tanks
    • Sticky Goo (Terminator Reptile) and Spike Throw offers better strategic and offensive options
  • Venom Spray applies Poison to an enemy
    • Zero-cost poison card
    • Good on poison team compositions
    • Deals low damage and gives low shields


Cards in this tier are only good for specific situations or builds.

  • Why So Serious heals the user if they attack an Aqua
    • Deals decent damage
    • Chomp is a better mouth card
  • Neuro Toxin deals decent damage and applies Attack- to poisoned targets
    • You need to have poison cards on your team to make full use of this card
  • Bulkwark is a good defensive card that reflects damage back to the attacker
    • It has low damage and only reflects melee damage
  • Poo Fling applies Stench on an enemy Axie
    • Your Reptile must be the fastest Axie on your team
    • Stench is only effective in certain compositions
  • Scaly Lunge has good damage, shields, and deals more if chained with another “Lunge” card
    • You need to chain it with another Lunge user


Cards in this tier aren’t great to have on Reptile.

  • Kotaro Bite generates 1 energy if used against a faster target
    • Deals moderate damage but only provides 20 shields
    • No energy is gained against slower opponents
  • Overgrow Keratin deals decent damage and replenishes 20 shields after every action
    • Mainly used for defense
    • Disarm is better 
  • Scale Dart generates 1 energy against buffed targets
    • Slightly inconsistent
    • Relies on enemy compositions that have buffs
  • Vine Dagger gains double shields when comboed with a Plant card
    • Costs zero energy
    • Reptiles with Plant cards aren’t great
  • Sneaky Raid targets the furthest enemy
    • Only a handful of Reptile builds can make use of this (e.g. Poison, pure damage)
    • Highly dependent on card draws and combos

See all season 18 card tier lists here.

Did I miss anything? Do you think the list could be improved? Comment down below!

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