Axie Infinity Meta Team: Bird-Plant-Plant Comp

Stepping into the new season introduced some new and some old lineups to the meta setting. Diversity makes Axie Infinity’s PvP unique, from hundreds of body parts and cards to choose from.

In this article, we’ll tackle the BPP lineup, otherwise known as “Bird Plant Plant.” This is one of the best comps for climbing the MMR, and I’ll show you why.

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What Is A BPP Lineup?

BPP is an abbreviation slang for Axie players, where the initial letters represent the ones for class Axies. For this one, it’s a Bird-Plant-Plant comp.

A Bird Plant Plant comp in Season 19

This Axie comp is diverse in damage and defense, with two heavily armored tanks and one mighty spear at the back.

We’ll get into each Axie build and study how they function in the team.

Different BPP Builds and Lineups

So far, there are only two popular BPP comps. However, only a few ticks and swaps in their cards create a big difference in playstyle and match progression.

Quick-Paced Doubletalk Lineup

An aggressive playstyle vibes with this lineup. The top priority of the user should be getting past the front as quickly as possible.

This pacing fits well with the Bird card “Soothing Song” because of its unblockable finisher. So while the central theme of the build is Soothing Song, the Plant Axies should be built around the quick progression of this lineup.


The frontline of a Doubletalk BPP comp is typically a damage-type. It sacrifices known defensive Plant back parts for significant damage yet semi-defensive bug back parts.

It has energy-gaining cards to make up for the BPP’s energy-reliant lineup.

Mechanics and Uses

Many kinds of Axies utilize Bug parts, and this is just another sample of one. Sandal boasts severe damage against plants, with at least 50 shield points to stall damage.

Paired with a damage Plant horn, an energy gain, and a utility move, you get one hell of an aggressive frontline.

This Axie is the epitome of damage and energy, a well-fitting stock in our hostile BPP build.

Alternative Build/s

The key to this build is damage, so long as the Plant stays at the lowest speed.

The horn, back, and tail are interchangeable. Some similar builds can be like this:

This runs the same principle as the damage plant earlier. It has utility and two high damage cards.

You can test around builds and see what fits you best because there are lots of options for the back, horn, and tail part.


Dubbed the “Immortal Plant,” this midline Axie can withstand blows and simultaneously heal.

There are many alternatives for this build, but we’re going with specific body parts that complement the fast-paced lineup for this one.

Typically, Immortal Plant builds have Hot Butt (Spicy Surprise), but we’re going with Gravel Ant (Numbing Lecretion) for this one.

Mechanics and Uses

The main goal of this Doubletalk BPP comp is to break through the mid easily, then lock down the enemy midline. This is where Numbing Lecretion comes in.

Numbing Lecretion

Soothing Song excels in finishing off enemies, which opens up the frontline for this Immortal Plant to disable the enemy midline’s cards.

It gives the user a free turn to save energy or go all in the midline because their defenses are locked.

Numbing Lecretion fits best in this comp and only this lineup. Other BPP lineups rely on backdoor attacks leaving no purpose for Numbing Lecretion.

Alternative Build/s

The changeable part here is the horn. Cactus is generally the best pick because of its serious damage, but sometimes others go with Little Branch, Parasite, and Beech for more shields.

Other creative builds add Cerastes or Incisor, but I don’t encourage this because it’s not 100% effective compared to Little Branch, Cactus, or Beech.


This is where the Bird Axie “swoops” in. As the comp names it, we’re grabbing a Doubletalk Eggshell Bird.

This serves as the team’s “outplay machine,” pulling in mind game tactics and dealing massive damage. Add Doubletalk’s insane mechanic to that thought.

Mechanics and Uses

Doubletalk bypasses any Axie shield. This is because of the debuff called Sleep. It’s widely known as a “finisher” against low HP Axies because they can’t sandbag the Axie.

This mechanic compliments the build, especially with the lineup having tons of damage. The objective is to deal massive damage at the start of the round, then use Soothing Song to finish off the frontline.

Seasoned players counter this by placing massive shields at the start of the round, but this relies heavily on card draws.

Eggbomb and Blackmail come in pairs. Eggbomb applies Aroma on its own Axie, enabling outplays by making the opposing Axies attack the Bird instead of the midline or frontline. Blackmail can transfer debuffs, so if the player wants to deal damage but save the Bird Axie, it can transfer the Aroma.

All-out Shot is a sacrificial card. In exchange for 110 damage, you deplete 30% of your Axie’s HP.

Alternative Build/s

There is only one alternative build for this. Hare Dagger fits this Axie because it’s usually the fastest, so you get free card draws from each attack.

The disadvantage of this build is that it costs more energy and it’s pricier than the All-out Shot version. So it’s better to optimize the build to your budget and the team.

Backdoor BPP Lineup

In this variation of the BPP comp, we’ll have the Dark Swoop card on the Bird Axie instead of Doubletalk. The team’s composition also works around backdoor attacks.

This comp specializes in sustain and card draws to execute backdoor attacks.


We’re going with a bit more defensive Plant Axie with either energy steal, card draws, or heals for this lineup.

This sample build has energy steals, card draws, and one high damage part. It can stall and deal damage at the same time while controlling the enemy’s energy.

Mechanics and Uses

Honestly, this build has tons of variations, but I’ll keep it simple for Mechanics and Uses. Then, we’ll go in-depth when we hit Alternative Build/s.

Cattail is as simple as the name. You time the card right, and you get tons of cards for free. It also benefits Vegetal Bite because it’s easier to combo.

This will be the critical component of the lineup.

Alternative Build/s

For this frontline, everything can be shuffled in a way that it benefits the comp.

Some builds use Turnip to counter the opponent’s Bird Axie faster. This keeps your Bird Axie safe, which also preserves the chances of outplaying your opponent.

Another really good utility card is Leek Leak. Has high shields and also disables the attacker’s ranged cards.

It’s a sound card for sustenance and a counter to lots of range-reliant lineups like Cute Bunny Antenna and Bird Axie lineups.

Lastly, any mouth body part with healing abilities works well for this lineup’s frontline.

Vegan Diet

Cards like Drain Bite or Vegan Diet work well for frontline Plant Axies, especially when the opposing frontline is also a Plant, which happens 90% of the time.


For this midline Plant Axie, we’ll be going with a more damage-type Immortal Plant build.

This is a sample build of a high damage Immortal Plant. Little Branch benefits from the abundance of Plant body parts because of its ability. Its crit chance increases by 20%.

Trust me; it crits a lot.

Mechanics and Uses

Hot Butt, Zigzag, and Bidens are essential parts of this build. You can disable the opponent’s mouth part, remove debuffs, and continuously heal.

It makes up for a sustainable duelist that deals semi-decent damage.

The last piece of the puzzle is the high damage horn that can burst Axies.

Alternative Build/s

Any high damage horn that benefits the Axie fits for alternative builds. The most common picks are Cactus, Beech, and Little Branch.

All of which are high damage horn cards. That should make for a decent and standardized Immortal Plant build.


Now for this variation, grab ahold of a Dark Swoop Bird Axie.

Not only does it deal massive damage, but it can support the team in performing chain backdoor attacks. Moreover, it easily adjusts to the class disadvantages.

But this kind of Axie is the hardest to master.

Mechanics and Uses

Eggbomb and Blackmail are a Bird Axie’s best friends. Eggbomb applies Aroma, and any Axie from the opposing side will target any Axie that has this debuff.

Blackmail transports debuffs, which also includes Aroma. This mechanic can be used to a Bird’s advantage, pulling off outplays or chained backdoor attacks.

The disadvantage though is that it’s combo-reliant. Sometimes, the player may want to preserve the Bird, but can’t because they lack Blackmail to keep the Axie safe.

All-out Shot is a high damage zero cost card. Works very well for outplaying shields and squeezing out every bit of damage, with the expense of 30% of the Bird Axie’s HP.

Alternative Build/s

The Hare Dagger build is also a standard alternative for a Dark Swoop Bird Axie.

Although it might not be great because it has four zero costs, it’s a 50-50 if you build the comp right.


BPP is a well-rounded meta comp. It works well against a lot of teams, especially when you master it.

But beware, this team is not beginner-friendly.

Tons of things need to be learned before playing this comp. It even took me some time to personally learn this lineup.

(Yes, it’s my current Axie lineup for Season 19, so feel free to ask me for tips!)

That aside, you can always test around Axie lineups that fit your playstyle. For this BPP comp, it takes mastery of Axie target selection, attentiveness, and a damn lot of grit.

What do YOU think about BPP comps? Did I miss anything? Comment it down below!

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