Axie Infinity: What Are Disablosaur Axies?

If Terminator Axies are the dauntless flames of duels, Disablosaurs are the complete opposite.

These Axies are the perfect examples of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They may seem harmless, but they can kill an Axie without even flinching.

In this article, part of the series on meta Axies, I’ll be talking about Disablosaur Axies.

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What Are Disablosaurs?

Disablosaur comes from the word “disable” mixed with “dinosaur” (pretty obvious, I know). The “dinosaur” in the name is related to how Axies look; I mean, they do look like creatures you can suffix with “-saur,” right?

The Disablosaur my manager gave me, I named her Anise!

They specialize in disabling two of the enemy cards while sustaining bursty damages. With ample shields and firepower, they can leave opponents barely any playable cards.

Disablosaurs are typically Reptile or Dusk class Axies. They’re also duelists, so having enough damage and shield befits that class of Axies.

Disablosaur Card Build

A Disablosaur Axie has a specific move set. You can’t call it a Disablosaur if it doesn’t have these four abilities:

A Disablosaur Card Build
  • Vine Dagger (Green Thorns)
  • Headshot (Kestrel)
  • Spicy Surprise (Hot Butt)
  • Chomp (Tiny Turtle)

Disablosaurs have very synergized cards, almost equal to a Terminator. Each ability is a piece of a whole, so remove one, and the whole Axie crumbles.

Headshot and Spicy Surprise

These are the core cards of a Disablosaur because they are the ones that disable Axie cards.

Kestrel (Headshot)

Headshot is a Bird-class card that deals 130 damage and has no shields. This is the primary damage card of a Disablosaur.

On top of that, it disables the horn cards of the target. High damage Axies rely on their horn body parts, like Oranda (Hero’s Bane: Aquatic horn card) that can deal 120 damage. Disabling those cards is the key to winning unthinkable matches.

One Headshot card completely disables any use of these cards for the next round.

Hot Butt (Spicy Surprise)

Spicy Surprise is a Plant-class card that deals 90 damage and has 50 shield points. It’s a highly versatile ability, having both defensive and offensive capabilities.

It disables the mouth cards of the target for the next round. There are a lot of meta Axie mouth cards (e.g., Chomp, Risky Fish, Serious, etc.), and Spicy Surprise can easily shut them down.

Vine Dagger and Chomp

Green Thorns (Vine Dagger)

Vine Dagger is a Reptile-class card. It’s also a zero-cost card which is key for backline Axies.

This card only has 30 shield points but can give at least 60 when comboed with a Plant card. That makes Vine Dagger the zero-cost card with the most shield points.

Vine Dagger synergizes perfectly into a Disablosaur because Spicy Surprise procs Vine Dagger’s additional shield.

You can read more about zero-cost cards in this article:

Are Zero-Cost Cards Good?

Tiny Turtle (Chomp)

Chomp is a Reptile-class card. It’s best known for being a highly versatile card that deals 80 damage and has 50 shield points.

Chomp can inflict Stun, a deadly debuff that can make Axies miss their attack while stunned. This card can work defensively and offensively for any Axie. It also has an effect that allows the card that attacks a stunned Axie to bypass its shield.

Chomp can prolong the despair of a disabled Axie. With two of their body parts disabled, Stun can then negate the first card they will play. It’s a game-changing move, especially in duels.

Combat Tips for Disablosaur

Learning how to use your Disablosaur is the first step to maximizing its full potential. Here are my combat tips as a fellow Disablosaur user:

  • Always ready the Disablosaur for duels – Disablosaurs are duelists, and if you show up to a duel empty-handed, then you have already lost. Make sure to save enough cards and energy before going into the endgame. Four energy is enough, as long as you have zero-cost cards in your hand.
Setting up the 1v1 by quickly eliminating the midline
  • Utilize the Stun debuff efficiently – Stun has many uses, and learning each one the debuff has to offer can give you the advantage in combat. For example, if you go against an Axie with high shields, use the stun to bypass their walls and deal damage directly to their HP. Defensive Axies cannot level it out with damage, so you won’t have to worry about getting clobbered.
Applying Stun on the enemy Anemone Aqua to prevent one of their cards from working in a combo
  • Headshot and Spicy Surprise are a Disablosaur’s friend – Rely on the Disablosaur’s cunning disabler cards. Using both Headshot and Spicy Surprise in a combo can immediately put your opponent at a disadvantage. It’s good to start 1v1 battles by disabling their cards, giving you the upper hand.
The ideal Disablosaur combo
  • Vine Dagger is your shield – An ordinary Disablosaur can reach up to 220 shield points when full defenses are deployed. In a scenario where your Disablosaur can get heavily attacked, then put up heavy shields! Combo Vine Dagger with Spicy Surprise to get insane amounts of shield points when defending.
Shield points after playing 2 Vine Daggers, 1 Chomp, and 1 Spicy Surprise
  • Know the damage of your cards – Memorizing the damage output of your cards against different classes is crucial. Calculating how much damage you deal can prevent unwanted results. Without knowing the damage values, you might end up getting stunned by a Sticky Goo or overcompensating your attacks.

The Perfect Teammate for Disablosaurs

Because Disablosaurs are duelists, they need an Axie to stall enemy attacks and deal enough damage early.

Discard Bug Axies

The current meta under-rates Discard Bug Axies. It’s likely because everyone sees them as slower and weaker Axies, leading them to be the last choice for selecting Axies.

In reality, Discard Bug Axies are tough competitors. They have insane utility and damage, and they work well with a lot of Axie lineups.

For Disablosaurs that can restrict enemy cards, nothing pairs better than an Axie that discards enemy cards. Just imagine having unplayable cards and losing the playable ones.

Here is an example of an ideal Discard Bug build for Disablosaurs:

A Discard Bug Axie

The core body parts of an optimal Discard Bug are:

  • Parasite and Pincer – These are the two Bug-class Axie cards that can randomly discard 1 card from your enemy. Without these, you can never call it a Discard Bug Axie.
  • Fish Snack – This is a strong defensive Bug-class Axie card. It can stun Aquas and Birds (Bug Axies are weak against Aquas and Birds), so Fish Snack can delay their attacks for longer than usual.
  • High Damage Back body part – The Sandal body part is just an example of a high shield and high damage card. A Discard Bug should have enough damage to cripple enemy tanks. This body part may vary depending on budget and comp (Garish Worm, Risky Beast, Scarab, etc.).

Discard Bugs dominate the early game of PvP matches. They can punish players who use too many cards, continuously restricting them from drawing and playing cards.

After the “opening moves,” both players probably have killed each other’s tanks by then. At this juncture, Discard Bugs shine defensively.

Fish Snack defends the Discard Bug and the Disablosaur, giving room for the Bug to discard enemy cards or for the Disablosaur to go all out.

Pro Tip: Don’t buy Discard Bugs with both Fish Snack and Snail Shell! You only need one defensive card in a Bug Axie, so you need at least one high damage card to cripple Plant or Reptile tanks.

Axie Infinity content creators always stream their gameplay. Some of them are Disablosaur users, so you can check out their tactics and insights on this Axie.

An example of one is parupiro KGL, a Youtube streamer/video creator of Axie Infinity. He’s a long-time user of Disablosaur Axies, so he is the best reference for aspiring Disablosaur users.

He mainly uses a Dusk Disablosaur with a Discard Bug. He’s also dominating Terminators and Doubletalk Axies in the 2000+ MMR range.

You can check out his youtube channel here:

parupiro KGL’s Dusk Disablosaur and Discard Bug grooving with style!

What do YOU think about Disablosaur Axies? Did I miss any technique or part of it? Comment it down below!

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