Card Spotlight: Merry Legion

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Beast card, “Merry Legion.”

Merry Legion

As of November 2021, this card has 75 base damage, 85 shields, and costs 1 energy. It also grants the user 20% additional shields if it’s chained.

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How Is Merry Legion Used?

This card is mainly used defensively and deals a fair bit of damage. It could be used as a shield card, especially when it’s played in a chain.

It could even be used to poke enemy Axies.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Merry Legion?

Most of the Axies that use this card are either tanky/utility or damage-dealer Beasts. They use Merry Legion to dish out some damage while also putting up a large shield to block damage.

I’ve also encountered tanky Axies that have this card because it synergizes well with Beast Axies due to its effect.

Pros and Cons of the Merry Legion Card


  • provides good shields
  • gains more shields if played in a chain


  • deals relatively low damage
  • effect needs to be chained in order to activate

Merry Legion Card Synergies

  • October Treat, Carrot Hammer, Spicy Surprise, Drain Bite
  • if Merry Legion is used by a Plant, these standard tank cards could be paired with it and create a frontline Axie with tons of shields
  • Single Combat, Rampant Howl, Death Mark, Revenge Arrow, Heroic Reward, Nitro Leap, Nut Crack/Throw, 
  • high-damage Beast cards paired with Merry Legion creates a damage-dealer Axie that could serve as a secondary tank

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