Troubleshooting Performance & Technical Issues in Axie Infinity

Have you experienced issues and errors when playing Axie Infinity? 

Most of the time, a quick restart of the game can fix it and sometimes a quick trip to the Axie Infinity Discord server is all you need to know how. However, there are a few problems that cannot easily be solved, which is why I am here to teach you some troubleshoots and fixes.

In this article, I’ll be going over how you can troubleshoot a few of the common bugs and issues when it comes to Axie Infinity.

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Request Timeout/Connection Issues

This error usually occurs when your connection to the server is either interrupted or unstable. This means that there could be problems on your end, or in Axie Infinity’s servers.

If it’s the former, you should check your internet connectivity and router. You could even contact the technical support of your internet service provider (ISP) if you need additional assistance.

If your connections are good, then there’s nothing else left to do other than to wait for the problem to be resolved by the devs. Server-side issues are usually beyond the reach of players, so just be patient and try again after a few hours.

Client Not Responding

This error happens when there is something that is hindering your device from properly running Axie Infinity. Either you have a bad install of the game, or your device does not meet the system requirements, which is rare because it has pretty low requirements.

A quick restart or reinstall of the game would probably do the trick. You can also try clearing the app cache in your phone’s settings.

If those still don’t work, try playing on another device. Maybe your device just cannot handle the sheer awesomeness of Axie Infinity and you need a new one.

Insufficient Permission

Also known as the “[403050] insufficient permission” error, it usually prevents the user from doing any meaningful action within the game’s menu. 

Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem by doing the following steps:

  1. Sign out of the Axie Infinity client
  1. Generate a new QR code from the Mavis Hub, not from the Axie Marketplace (QR codes from Mavis Hub do not have the blue logo at the center)
  1. Try logging in using the new QR code

These steps should likely solve the issue without any additional hassle. If not, try to reach out to Sky Mavis’s tech support team.

App Not Installed

This error usually appears after installing an application from a source other than the authorized application store. This means that there may have been a problem that was encountered during the installation of the game, or there’s some other factor that may have interrupted it.

A bad Install, bad/missing storage, or missing app permissions could all lead to your device not recognizing the installation of an application.

You can install a file explorer to help manage your files and figure out where exactly the problem is. You can also manually check if the game is compatible with your device in the first place.

Purchase Failed

If you this error, it is most likely due to one of the following:

  • You don’t have enough WETH in your wallet
  • Your ronin wallet is locked; you unlock it by clicking the ronin extension and typing in your password.
  • The axie has already been purchased, and the marketplace is bugged
  • The axie itself is bugged, and the seller must submit a request on the “bugged axie” form on Sky Mavis’s support platform.

0/0 Energy

This error is usually just a visual bug and can be solved either by restarting the game or playing a match in an adventure or arena.

Validation Failed

There are two main reasons why this error occurs. 

The first is that those Axies are no longer in your inventory and that they’ve either been gifted to another account, sold in the marketplace. Second is that your Axie may not be synced with the database.

This error can be easily fixed just by syncing your Axies in the Axies tab. If that doesn’t work, a problem may have occurred when transferring your Axies and you may have have to submit a ticket to Sky Mavis.

Error 114

This error is usually caused by a game update. You just have to wait for the game to get updated and update to/reinstall the latest version.

Axie Recovery

Unfortunately, if you lose your Axies for some reason, sometimes due to hacking or server-side problems, there’s usually nothing you could do.

If you lose your Axies to a scam, the best Sky Mavis could do is freeze the Axies. For server-side causes, you’d have to submit a report to their tech support.

Read more about keeping your account secure with our guides here:

How to Avoid Getting Hacked in Axie Infinity

Important Notes

  • Always try restarting the app before doing any of these fixes
  • Most of these problems can easily be solved
  • Sky Mavis’s tech support can be reached through this link

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