10 Axie Infinity Tips and Tricks

Axie Infinity is the new talk of the town NFT game that probably even your grandma has heard about. Many players were attracted to the idea of a fun game where you could earn real money as you play.

Whether you’re new to Axie Infinity or want to learn more about the game, here are 10 tips and tricks that might prove helpful the next time you log in and explore the world of Lunacia!

1. Counting Energy

Arguably the most essential skill to learn when playing the game, learning how to take count of the energy your opponent currently has can significantly increase your chances of winning. 

Knowing when your opponent has a lot of energy and when they don’t enables you to choose your next course of action. Do they have tons? Might they launch a large-scale attack? Do they have little? Your Axies are safe. Probably. (Damn you, critical strikes.)

A technique I personally use is what I call the “kindergarten” technique. I take count of the opponent’s starting energy, which is always 3, and put fingers up or down, depending on whether they gain or use energy.

This method of counting my opponent’s energy has never failed me and I believe it’s one of the easiest ways of keeping track.

2. Learn Your Team

I know this tip sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many players don’t know their team well.

Learn the ins and outs of your team, every move your Axies have, as well as the situations they’re most useful in. It’s also good practice to memorize the damage values of your attacks so you can calculate how many cards you need to play in order to take down the enemy Axie.

You can also take note of the damage and shield values of enemy Axies that you typically face in your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) so you can get a good grasp of how much damage they can both dish out and take.

3. Formations/Positioning Your Axies

The placement of Axies on the battlefield is a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect in PvP. May players simply line their Axies up or place them in various positions that don’t even make sense.

For example, you should place your back and mid Axies in either the top or bottom two slots. In the event where you face an opponent with split Axies (1 top, 1 bottom), your two Axies will both focus on the same one.

Smart Shot
Chitin Jump
Slippery Shield

There are also cards whose effects are based on positions. Offensive cards like Smart Shot and Chitin Jump are cards that target enemies in certain positions. The defensive card Slippery Shield gives Axies that are adjacent to the user a percentage of shields.

Sweet Party
Forest Spirit

There are also utility cards like Sweet Party, Forest Spirit, and Refresh that heal or cleanse debuffs from the Axie directly in front of the user. As you can see, positioning your Axies correctly is a vital part of victory.

4. Card Counting

Don’t worry. Although Axie Infinity is a card game where you can earn money, it’s not run by casinos and you won’t get beaten up for counting cards. On the contrary, you’ll get even more money because you’ll know the moves your opponent is most likely going to make.

Battles start off with each player drawing 6 cards in round 1, and 3 after every round. Each player has an Axie with 4 moves, which adds up to a total of 12 moves per team. 

However, it’s important to note that players have 2 copies of the same card, so that makes 24 cards in a deck. If a player’s deck reaches 0 cards, it resets (excluding the cards that are currently in your hand).

If your opponent uses the same attack on the same Axie twice, it’s safe to assume that they won’t be using those cards any time soon. Until that Axie’s teammates get taken out or the deck resets, they won’t be able to draw that card.

5. Speedy Situation

It’s a fact that Speed directly influences the turn order of Axies. What isn’t widely known is what dictates the order if Axies have the same speed.

If Axies have the same speed, it all comes down to the following factors in order:

Which Axie has:

  1. Lower HP
  2. Higher Skill
  3. High Morale
  4. Low Axie ID

This means the one with the lower HP will attack first. If they still have the same speed and HP remaining, then the one with the higher Skill stat will go first, and so on.

If all else fails, who has the lowest Axie ID will gain the right of way. A good tip if you play a team that has two Axies with the same speed is to remember that their order will change, depending on who has higher stats or lower HP. 

For example, if you use two pure Aquas, their stats will be identical and the turn order is dictated by who has the lower ID. If one of them gets damaged, they automatically become the faster Axie in the order.

Dark Swoop
Seed Bullet

There are also cards that target the fastest Axie on the enemy team (Dark Swoop/Seed Bullet). If two Axies on the enemy team have the same Speed, the user will target the nearest one instead.

6. Last Stand

Last Stand is a state where Axies can still play cards and take damage for a limited amount of time even after getting taken out.

It is known that Morale influences the likelihood of an Axie entering Last Stand. The higher that stat is, the chance of Axies entering Last Stand significantly increases.

However, even though players and game tips say “chance,” there’s actually a mathematical equation that determines whether or not the enemy will enter Last Stand.

(Final Blow – Remaining HP) < (Remaining HP x Morale/100) = Last Stand

For example, consider a pure Beast Axie has 61 Morale. If it has 123 remaining HP and an attack deals 146 damage, it enters Last Stand.

  • (146 – 120) < (120 * 61/100)
  • (26) < (73.2)
  • Beast enters Last Stand

In order to stop Axies from entering Last Stand, you must finish them off with attacks that have significantly higher damage than their remaining HP. You can also use card effects like Star Shuriken and the debuff Chill in order to prevent it altogether.

7. PvE Milestone Rewards

You may know that adventure mode is the easiest way of earning SLP, but did you know you can be rewarded more than the daily SLP cap?

If you finish certain ruins in adventure, the game rewards you with bonus SLP. Completing Ruins 21 and 34 will give you 200 and 300 SLP respectively. Keep in mind that those ruins are extremely difficult because they’re boss levels.

You can research and devise a plan in order to boost your success, but I recommend leveling your Axies up before attempting to clear those ruins. 

8. Rule of Round 5

Have you ever won a match so quickly you were amazed with yourself, only to be disappointed when you get transported back to the home screen without SLP rewards? That’s because there exists a measure in the game, made to counter win-trading and intentionally losing.

The next time you find yourself completely dominating your opponent? Hold back a little and wait until Round 6. Your wallet will be thanking you.

9. Secret Class Secrets

There are three “Secret Classes” in Axie Infinity, Dawn, Dusk, and Mech. While secret class Axies are rare, there are no cards unique to their classes. 

This puts them at a disadvantage against other Axies because when an Axie uses a card with the same class, it enjoys a 10% bonus to damage and shields.

Does that mean secret classes are weaker to other classes? Not really.

Secret class Axies still have a 7.5% bonus to damage and shields. This means that pure movesets wouldn’t be as good on them, but creating a hybrid build is possible.

ClassHPSkillSpeedMoraleAttributes (per part)
Dawn353539317.5% class bonus for Bird & Aquatic cards
Dusk433927317.5% class bonus for Reptile & Plant cards
Mech313943277.5% class bonus for Beast & Bug cards

When it comes to class advantage, secret classes have the same advantages and disadvantages with the classes they enjoy a bonus from. Dawns have the same advantages and disadvantages as Birds and Aquas, Dusk with Plants and Reptiles, and Mechs with Beasts and Bugs.

However, there are some rumors circulating that these secret classes may get their own move sets in the future, but for now, all we can do is wait.

You can read more about secret Axie classes in this article:

What Are Secret Axie Classes?

10. Axie Genetics

Axies actually have genes! This piece of information might not be as useful to players as it is to breeders, but it’s interesting how the developers have created a breeding system that is quite similar to real life. 

Unfortunately, there are no built-in means to know what kinds of genes an Axie has. Thankfully, Freak has created a browser extension that lets users view the genes of an Axie, as well as its stats and other data.

You can check it out here.

You can also read more about Axie genetics in this breeding guide:

How To Breed Axies

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