Axie Infinity: What Are Secret Axie Classes?

Among the traditional Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Plant, and Reptile classes, there are other lurking anomalies in Lunacia. Their existence isn’t the only phenomenon, but also their innate qualities as rare species.

These are the infamous “Secret Axie Classes,” ferocious beasts that reward their Axie trainers with nothing but glory on the battlefield.

This article will discuss the three existing Axie Classes, namely Dawn, Dusk, and Mech classes.

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What Are Secret Axie Classes?

Secret Axie classes are existing Axie classes that do not have body parts. They differ from typical Axie classes because of their unique stats and appearance.

Axie search filter in the Marketplace

If you’re a casual stroller in the Axie Marketplace, then you probably have seen these guys already. Better yet, you’ve searched what they looked like out of curiosity.

Dawn Class

Dawn Axies are bred from pure Bird and Plant Axies. They resemble Bird Axies more than Plant Axies.

Dawn Axies also sport a frosted violet color that varies in brightness (dark or bright).

Dubbed as the “prettiest Axies” yet frowned upon as “the worst Axie class,” Dawn Axies have the weakest base stats.

A pure Dawn Axie

Most of Axie Infinity’s players snub Dawn Axies, hence why they rarely pop up in Arena matches. The lack of Speed and HP troubles them to compete against traditional Aquatic and Bird Axies.

Their lack of PvP potential caused players to demand buffs to make the class significant in the multiplayer setting.

Dusk Class

Dusk Axies are bred from pure Aqua and Reptile Axies. With their beefier base stat, Dusk Axies resemble Reptiles more than Aquatic Axies.

Dusk Axies also showcase a “true blue” hue that varies in brightness (dark or bright).

A pure Dusk Axie

These ferocious abominations are popular in the meta. They are faster and tanker than Reptile Axies, making them optimal picks for building the perfect Axie.

Present metas exploit the use of Dusk Axies. Anything Reptiles can do, a Dusk can do better. Who wouldn’t pick the superior Axie stat-wise, right?

The only downside is that Dusk Axies are relatively expensive compared to Reptiles, so it’s a matter of budget estimation to create the ideal comp.

Mech Class

Mech Axies are bred from pure Bug and Beast Axies. They are well known as the secret class counterpart of Beast Axies.

Mech Axies also display a grey shade that varies in brightness (can be dark or bright).

A pure Mech Axie

These guys outspeed ordinary Beasts, despite sharing the same Beast body parts. Mech Axies have a faster base speed which attracts the current Axie meta.

BBP lineups in the top MMR don’t really use Beasts; instead, they use Mechs to attack first against Dusk Axies. Because Dusk classes are on the same spectrum as Plants, Mech classes can surely win with speed.

From Normal to Secret Axie Classes

Another fascinating thing about secret classes is that they are rare breeds from pure Axie classes. Breeding specific pure Axie classes can produce a Secret class offspring only at a given percentage.

The given rate is:

  • Dawn Class – 33% offspring chance when bred from a pure Bird and a pure Plant Axie
  • Dusk Class – 33% offspring chance when bred from a pure Aqua and a pure Reptile Axie
  • Mech Class – 33% offspring chance when bred from a pure Beast and a pure Bug Axie

Don’t forget to make sure they’re pure Axies when breeding for a secret class Axie!

Secret Axie Class Base Stats

The base stat points of secret class Axies vary from the normal ones. They’re usually derived from the qualities of the parent classes (e.g., Reptile and Aquatic class = Dusk, a fast and tanky Axie).

Here is a table showing the base stats of the three secret classes:

Axie ClassHP MoraleSpeedSkill
Dawn Class Logo Dawn35313539
Dusk Class Logo Dusk43313927
Mech Class Logo Mech31273943

If you compare them with regular Axie classes, you can easily notice the difference. Some may or may not have higher stats than their counterparts.

Players capitalize on the extra stats that secret classes provide. Some even put Beast parts on Dusk to maximize the Axie’s Speed and HP while dealing good damage.

Class Advantages of Secret Classes

Class advantages are mechanics that work like “Rock-Paper-Scissors.” For example, each Axie class may deal +15% or -15% damage against a specific class.

Just like normal Axie classes, secret ones also belong to specific categories.

Take a look at this image and see if you can spot the Dawn, Dusk, and Mech Class:

Class Advantages and Disadvantages (RPS Analogy)
RPS Analogy of Class Advantages

You can notice the equal division of the secret classes among the normal ones. It balances out the use of secret classes in PvP.

Don’t forget to note the +15% and -15% damage bonus in the graphic!

What do YOU think about secret Axie classes? Did I miss anything about them? Comment it down below!

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