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Loaded Gamer’s mission is to introduce one million gamers to play-to-earn games. We aim to help them navigate this new class of games, from getting started through mastery.

Who We Are

Editorial Staff

Ben Perry, Executive Editor

Ben is the executive editor at Loaded Gamer. He’s a crypto enthusiast, car guy, nature lover and family man. He’s also a loooong time gamer; he cut his teeth on Space Invaders, loved Civ 2 and is currently crushing on Valheim and of course, Axie Infinity. Also, his terminator looks cooler than yours.

Dale Mercurio, Editor & Staff Writer

Dale is a student by day, writer by night, but an all-day gamer since birth. He is extremely passionate about video games and started playing even before he could read. His favorite games include: TES5: Skyrim, God of War, the Monster Hunter Franchise, and recently, Axie Infinity.

Roe Dizon, Staff Writer

Roe is a gaming enthusiast by morning, a sleeping addict by noon, and a nocturnal zombie by night. He’s also a jack-of-all-trades type and a natural competitor in any field he pursues. Nothing satisfies him more than being one step ahead of others, especially in Axie Infinity.

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