Axie Infinity Season 18 Plant Card Tier List

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Plant Axie but aren’t sure what cards to get, this tier list is for you.

I’ll be covering every Plant move, as well as how strong they are when compared to other moves. I’ll also provide a bit of insight as to why they are strong or weak.

Take note that this tier list was made with certain parameters in mind. These cards were categorized based on their strength in low to moderate MMR (1000-2000+), pure Axies, and meta teams.

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Cards in this tier are must-haves on Plants, especially for tanks

  • October Treat is arguably the best defense card in the game
    • It gives a total of 121 shields when used by Plants 
    • You can draw a card if it doesn’t break
  • Vegetal Bite is a great utility card
    • Can delay enemy combos by stealing their energy 
    • Can give you more wiggle room if you successfully steal energy
  • Prickly Trap is a high-damage Plant card that deals more damage when your Axie attacks last
    • Arguably one of the best horn cards to have on a Plant 
    • Deals tons of damage if the user is the last to attack in a round
  • Spicy Surprise disables enemy mouth cards
    • Useful in stopping your opponent’s Axie from using their mouth cards (e.g. Vegetal Bite)
  • Disguise is a strong zero-cost Bug card that can be put on Plants to give you more energy to work with
    • Although not a Plant card, putting it on a tanky Plant can ensure you can activate its effect consistently


Cards in this tier aren’t exactly the best, but they’re good substitutes.

  • Wooden Stab provides good damage and shields, 
    • Deals more damage if the user’s shields are broken 
    • Inconsistent when the user is faster 
    • Weak when compared to Prickly Trap
  • Carrot Hammer deals moderate damage and provides a little shield that gives 1 energy if broken
    • Great for gaining energy and preventing your Plant from getting taken out
    • Spicy Surprise and Leek Leak are better offensive tail cards
    • Still pretty decent to have on a tank
  • Healing Aroma heals the user for 120 HP and provides 40 shield
    • Useful in certain situations 
    • The shield is pretty low 
    • Can be countered by bursting the user
  • Gas Unleash is a good poison card
    • It inflicts Poison on enemies when it’s used either offensively or defensively
    • Poison damage isn’t strong on its own 
    • Can be outplayed by unpredictable attack patterns
  • Leek Leak has decent damage and shields 
    • Disables the attacker’s ranged cards next round
    • Can be countered by not attacking the user or using teams that mainly use melee attacks


Cards in this tier aren’t necessarily bad, but they’re highly dependent on certain builds/teams.

  • Bamboo Clan has decent damage and shields
    • Effect is hard to proc (gaming term for activate)
    • There’s usually only one Plant in a team so chains are hard to pull off
    • Prickly Trap and Wooden Stab are better horn options
  • Aqua Stock gives 80 shields and gains energy if the user is hit by an Aqua card
    • Especially good against teams that have a lot of Aquas
    • Useless against teams that don’t have an Aqua
    • October Treat is better
  • Cleanse Scent is zero-cost card that cleanses debuffs from the user
    • Free shield card
    • Effective for removing debuffs
    • October Treat is still better
  • Shroom’s Grace heals the user for 120 HP
    • Only gives 40 shields
    • Is a back card (replaces October Treat)
    • The user could be taken out before getting the chance to heal
  • Drain Bite heals the user by the damage dealt
    • Healing isn’t high, but can be used against anyone
    • Vegetal Bite is a better choice for a mouth card
  • Cattail Slap is a zero-cost card that deals 20 damage and gives 30 shields
    • Base stats are decent for a zero-cost card
    • Lets you draw a card for every Beast card that hits
    • Good as a filler card


Cards in this tier are only good for specific situations or builds.

  • Aqua Deflect has moderate damage and shields
    • The user is untargetable by Aqua cards
    • Plants are tanks and you don’t want the damage to slip past and hit your teammates
    • Could be a good defensive card if the enemy doesn’t have a lot of Aqua cards
    • Deflecting Aqua attacks could be useful in certain situations
  • Refresh is a zero-cost card that removes debuffs from the Axie in front of the user
    • Free 50 shield is okay
  • Seed Bullet targets the fastest Axie
    • Only useful against Aquas and Birds
    • Plants tend to have low damage
  • Turnip Rocket enables the user to target Birds
    • Useful in rare situations
    • Dependent on card draws and combos
    • Plants don’t have a lot of damage
    • Can be used to take out the enemy Bird when comboed with high-damage Plant cards (e.g. Prickly Trap)
  • Vegan Diet heals the user when used to attack a Plant Axie
    • A less consistent Drain Bite with slightly better stats
    • Drain Bite is better in terms of consistency


Cards in this tier aren’t great to have on a Plant.

  • Sweet Party heals for 270 HP
    • Costs 2 energy
    • Deals no damage and has provides zero shields
    • Useless if the user gets popped
  • Forest Spirit heals the Axie in front of the user for 190 HP
    • Only useful if there’s an Axie in front 
    • Plants are commonly used as frontliners (it doesn’t work on themselves)
    • Wouldn’t be able to heal your teammate if they get taken out before it activates

See all season 18 card tier lists here.

Did I miss anything? Do you think the list could be improved? Comment down below!

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