Upcoming Economic Changes in Season 20

As you may know, the economy of Axie Infinity has steadily declined over the past few months. 

More Smooth Love Potion, one of the game’s main tokens, is minted faster than the current burning mechanism (Axie Breeding) can burn. This means that its value as a token will slowly and surely sink, especially because it’s a farmable token with an unlimited supply.

Fortunately, the developers have been working on a fix that can potentially make the game’s economy skyrocket! 

In this article, I’ll be going over the current changes planned by the devs for Season 20 which is just around the corner.

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Goodbye, PVE and Quest Rewards

Developers at Sky Mavis have found that adventure and daily quest rewards generate roughly 40% and 14% of the total daily SLP minted respectively. By removing both of these, they will be effectively cutting the SLP minted on a daily basis by over 50%!

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They also said that while adventure mode originally served as a way for players to learn how to play the game, it has become a huge crack in the SLP pipeline that leaks over 130 million tokens daily. 

Developers want to prioritize the incentivization of arena gameplay in order to have more players queue and increase the likelihood of facing off against other opponents with the same skill level.

On the other hand, the daily quest was made to encourage players from playing the game everyday. As players grew, this became another crack that had to be fixed to keep the value of SLP from inflating too much, especially because the daily quest rewards accounted for over 45 million of SLP minted daily.

This change will also render bots that farm SLP useless.

While this may come as a shock to players, the devs have put a lot of thought into it and kept the overall health of the economy in mind. They also said the current state of the economy required drastic changes in order to prevent the total collapse of the Axie ecosystem.

Renovating the Arena

Even after removing the adventure and daily quest rewards, the arena is still generating more SLP than can be burned. This is where the changes to the reward system come into play.

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For Season 20, the number of players that will receive AXS rewards in the leaderboard has been bumped up to 300,000. 117,676 AXS tokens will be allotted, which then equates to a whopping 6 million USD prize pool.

These changes were made to generate greater demand for stronger Axies and make the arena more competitive. 

However, changes to the SLP rewards in the arena have also been changed to the following: 

MMR BracketSLP Rewards
1100-1299 (base rank)6 →.5
1300-1499 9 → 6
1500-179912 → 8
1800-199915 → 10
2000+18 → 12

SLP rewards have been enabled back to players under 800 MMR in order to encourage players with weaker Axies or still have difficulty grasping the game’s mechanics to keep playing and earning.

Burn Baby Burn

The January Dev Update mentioned that there is a need to implement a ton of fun burning mechanisms and sinks to the game in order to keep the economy healthy.

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Burning mechanisms that were mentioned include, but are not limited to:

  • Special cosmetics and skins
  • Upgrading Axie body parts
  • In-game emotes
  • Breeding events
  • Buy-in tournaments
  • Axie naming
  • Additional sustainability tools

One of the upcoming burning mechanisms that would be implemented in the “Origin” update was revealed. According to the developers, it is a “a system of crafting tokenized power ups that augment and strengthen your Axies.”

It’s also teased that there may be vertical Axie progression in the future, meaning that you may be able upgrade your Axies. Keep in mind that this feature is still in the works and would take months, if not years, to be implemented and fully function as intended.

The devs are also still focusing on the growth and development of the game itself, in order to build a solid community and a healthy economy. 

Reworking the Energy System

A potential change to be implemented in the near future is on the energy system in-game. 

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As it currently stands, the daily cap for a standard account is 20 energy. It can be increased to 40 and 60 energy if the account holds 10 and 20 Axies respectively. However, this system is a bit strange as users can buy 9 Axies, create 3 teams, and give them to scholars for a total of 60 energy at a fraction of the cost.

Developers plan on changing this system by making energy scale better and adding additional tiers that give energy points proportional to the amount of Axies in one account. This would create utility for Axies that would be left behind due to the removal of adventure and quest rewards. 

However, this has yet to be implemented and was only included for transparency and to gather the pulse of the players. Fortunately, we can expect this to be a great addition soon, but most likely not during Season 20.

What Does the Future Hold?

While these economic changes may not seem much, nor will it restore SLP back to its full glory, the steps Sky Mavis has taken will steer the economy in the right direction.

As minting gets drastically reduced and burning mechanisms are implemented, SLP will slowly, but surely bounce back into the spotlight. Once the Origin update is released, more features and token sinks will be added in order to further boost the value of Axie Infinity’s tokens.

What do you think of the upcoming updates? Is there something you hope to see when Season 20 rolls out? Comment down below!

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