Card Spotlight: Heroic Reward

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Beast card, “Heroic Reward.”

Heroic Reward

As of November 2021, this card has 60 base damage, 0 shields, and does not cost energy. It also lets the player draw a card if the user attacks an Aqua, Bird, or Dawn Axie.

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How Is Heroic Reward Used?

This card is used mainly as a relatively high-damage zero-cost card to take out enemy Axies. Because it’s a Beast card, it deals additional damage against the tank classes, Plant, Reptile, and Dusk.

Its main purpose is to dish out a significant amount of damage for free. It could also provide a game-changing card draw if used in certain situations effectively.

Because it’s a free card, it can be used to remove debuffs like Stun and Fear.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Heroic Reward?

Most of the Axies that use this card are damage-dealer Beast Axies. They use Heroic Reward to deal significant damage and poke enemy Axies for free.

Unfortunately, Beast Axies are weak against the classes mentioned in the effects, so attacking those specific Axies will prove to be a challenge.

Pros and Cons of the Heroic Reward Card


  • deals a significant amount of damage for free
  • lets you draw a card if used against certain classes


  • provides no shields
  • effect is hard to activate because of class disadvantage

Heroic Reward Card Synergies

  • Any midline or frontline Axie four one energy cost cards
  • Night Steal works similarly to Vegetal Bite, so pairing it with energy-hungry Axies lets you steal/regain some back for free
  • Sinister Strike, Nut Crack/Throw, Branch Charge, Sugar Rush, Rampant Howl, Hare Dagger, 
  • high-damage Beast cards paired with Heroic Reward creates a Beast Axie that can dish out massive amounts of damage

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