PvE Or PvP?: How To Choose Axies For Adventure And Arena

Axie Infinity has two game modes where players can earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP): adventure and arena. 

In adventure, you fight against computer-controlled enemies in the ruins of Lunacia. In the arena, you battle other players and use strategy to outsmart your opponents.

Before you start your Axie Infinity journey, you may be tempted to buy any old starter Axies and call it a day. However, you need to keep in mind that there are teams that will dominate one game mode but struggle in the other. 

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What’s the Difference Between Axies in Adventure and Arena?

The gameplay in adventure versus arena is slightly different. The combat system is the same in player vs. enemy (PvE) and player vs. player (PvP) but Axies can level up in adventure, while they are capped to level 1 in the arena.

The purpose of some Axies is the support they provide to their team, as well as their potential in PvP matches. There are also Axies that provide tons of damage at the expense of utility and defense.

Finding the right balance ensures that you’ll find success in each game mode.

How to Choose Axies for Adventure

Axies level up and get stronger in adventure. As long as the Axie level is similar to the ruin level, there’s a good chance it will be cleared.

However, the level of an Axie is capped at 25, making Ruins 25-36 harder if you are using Axies that aren’t strong in PvE.

A great adventure-focused team is one that can deal a lot of damage but can still take a lot of hits. Having one or two Axies that can dish out tons of damage and one defensive Axie will make your ruin runs smooth like butter.

I recommend getting Aqua, Beast, or Bird damage dealers, depending on your preference. 

  • Aquas have high health and damage
  • Beasts have tons of combos and critical damage
  • Birds have target prioritizing moves that are useful against pesky backline healers

For the front line, any tanky class would work as long as they have a lot of defensive actions. 

Plants are preferable because they have a lot of shields and utility. Reptiles would work fine too if you want a bit more damage.

It’s important to note that energy won’t be too much of an issue in adventure when compared to arena, so moves that gain, steal, or destroy energy won’t be as effective. 

Players are given 4 starting energy and 3 after every round, and your opponent is a computer that plays cards every round, leaving little to no energy behind for stealing/destroying.

How to Choose Axies for Arena

Choosing Axies for the arena depends on your preferred playstyle. However, a good rule of thumb is to create a team that is balanced in terms of damage, utility, and tankiness.

A standard team in Axie Infinity consists of a primary damage dealer at the back, a secondary damage dealer or support at the middle, and a tank right in front. 

For beginners, you can choose pure Axies that cover each other’s weaknesses. While your starter team may not take you to the top, they can surely take you far.

For more experienced players, you can opt to create a team that centers around a specific playstyle or win condition, instead of filling in traditional roles.

There are teams that consist of tanky classes whose win condition revolves around slowly withering enemies with Poison and stalling for damage. There are also Axies who can survive and win with immense amounts of healing.

I suggest experimenting to see what you feel would work best for you.

How to Choose Axies that Are Good in Both

If creating two teams with different specializations isn’t a viable option for you, you can instead create a single team that offers the best of both worlds.

Picking Axies that are good for both is just a matter of balancing the right amount of damage, utility, and defense cards. While it won’t be as amazing as specialized teams, it will still deliver decent results. 

I recommend running an Aqua-Beast-Plant setup because of its high damage and survivability. 

  • Aquas that can either consistently deal damage with its high damage cards, or heal itself with Anemone cards
  • Beasts that have Single Combat, Ivory Stab, Nut Crack, and Nut Throw is ideal because it deals tons of damage and gives energy
  • Plants can defend and protect their teammates and stall the enemy until their allies get their card combos


While you can create specialized teams if you have the budget, you can easily create a team that’s effective in both adventure and arena. A good indicator of whether a team is viable in adventure is if it can do well in the arena without relying on human error and win conditions that cannot be achieved in PvE. 

Teams that are reliant on stalling or specific class advantages will have a hard time in adventure. Team compositions that rely on gaining or stealing energy will also be hindered because of the way the computer plays.

At the end of the day, balance is the most important thing when it comes to creating a team. Finding the right mix of Axies and cards will make the difference between winning or losing.

Pro Tips:

  • Join forums and discord servers so you can get the latest information regarding the game from seasoned players
  • If you are forced to choose between adventure and arena, get a team that focuses on PvP, the only drawback is that you’ll have to grind a bit more in adventure
  • Assemble a balanced team that can do well in both modes if you can only afford three Axies
  • Experiment on different Axie combinations or battle formations to see which one brings you the most success

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