Axie Infinity Season 18 Bug Card Tier List

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Bug Axie but aren’t sure what cards to get, this tier list is for you.

I’ll be covering every Bug move, as well as how strong they are when compared to other moves. I’ll also provide a bit of insight as to why they are strong or weak.

Take note that this tier list was made with certain parameters in mind. These cards were categorized based on their strength in low to moderate MMR (1000-2000+), pure Axies, and meta teams.


Cards in this tier are must-haves on Bugs

Mystic Rush
Mystic Rush
  • Terror Chomp inflicts Fear when played in a chain
    • Has the highest base damage out of all Bug cards
    • Applies Fear to opponents for two rounds
  • Allergic Reaction deals high damage that increases if the enemy is debuffed
    • A great offensive card in teams with lots of debuffs, one of the four Terminator cards
  • Mystic Rush is a zero-cost card that inflicts Speed-
    • Deals 40 damage for free and slows enemies 
    • One of the four Terminator cards
  • Sticky Goo is a great defensive card that stuns attackers if they break the shield
    • This card is effective at keeping Axies alive
    • One of the four parts that make up the Terminator Reptile


Cards in this tier aren’t exactly the best, but they’re good substitutes.

  • Bug Noise has pretty decent damage and applies Attack-
    • Good for reducing enemy damage output
  • Bug Splat deals bonus damage against Bug Axies
    • Has high base damage and good shields
  • Dull Grip deals more damage to shielded Axies
    • Deals high damage and is especially effective against Axies with lots of shielding
    • Can deal more damage to Axies even if their shields are low
  • Barb Strike inflicts Poison when played in a Chain
    • Amazing in specialized Poison teams
    • Deals good damage and gives decent shields
  • Grub Surprise inflicts Fear on shielded targets
    • Provides decent damage and shielding
    • Fear is effective at making enemy attacks miss


Cards in this tier aren’t necessarily bad, but they’re highly dependent on certain builds/teams.

  • Anesthetic Bait stuns Aqua and Bird Axies
    • Gives decent shields but has low damage
    • Generally useless against other classes
  • Bug Signal steals energy when chained with another Bug Signal
    • Pretty mediocre damage and shield values
    • Highly dependent on other Bug Signal cards
    • Can’t steal energy if the opponent doesn’t have any
  • Disguise is a Bug card that can be put on Plants to generate energy
    • Not that good on pure Bugs
  • Numbing Lecretion disables enemy melee cards
    • Counters Axies that specialize in melee attacks
    • The best counter against Terminator Reptiles
  • Blood Taste heals the user for the damage dealt
    • Provides mediocre damage and shields
    • Terror Chomp is a better mouth card


Cards in this tier are only good for specific situations or builds.

  • Sunder Claw is a zero-cost card that discards a card from your opponent’s hand
    • It can discard important cards for free
    • Deals low damage and doesn’t give shields
  • Third Glance discards a random card from your opponent’s hand
    • Deals low damage but gives 50 shields
  • Chemical Warfare has low damage but high shields and inflicts Stench
    • Stench is useful in avoiding frontline Axies
    • Needs to be on the fastest Axie on your team in order to be effective 
  • Scarab Curse prevents the target from healing
    • Deals high damage and gives 40 shields
    • Only useful against teams that have healing


Cards in this tier aren’t great to have on Bug.

  • Buzzing Wind is a zero-cost card that applies Fragile on an enemy Axie
    • The debuff is useless on targets that have little to no shields
    • There are better ways to slip past enemy defenses (Soothing Song, Stun, Raw Damage, etc.)
  • Grub Explode is a zero-cost card that deals double damage when the user is in Last Stand, then ends it
    • Deals decent damage for a zero-cost card
    • Effect will rarely get activated
  • Mite Bite is a zero-cost card that deals double damage if played in a combo
    • Decent damage for a zero-cost card if the effect is activated
    • There are better zero-cost cards
  • Twin Needle is a zero-cost card that attacks twice when played in a combo
    • It has low damage
    • There are better tail options (Allergic Reaction, Anesthetic Bite, Numbing Lecretion)

See all season 18 card tier lists here.

Did I miss anything? Do you think the list could be improved? Comment down below!

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