Card Spotlight: Scarab Curse

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Bug card, “Scarab Curse.”

Scarab Curse

As of January 2022, this card has 110 base damage, provides 40 shields, and costs 1 energy. It also prevents the target from healing for 2 rounds.

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How Is Scarab Curse Used?

This card is mainly used for offense and utility. It’s used against Axies that have lots of healing and prevent them from gaining back lost health.

It’s especially useful against Dusks, Plants, and Reptiles, because of their natural disadvantage against Bugs, but its primary use is to counter Axies that heal.

It also cannot be countered by cards that cleanse/transfer debuffs, like Blackmail, Refresh, and Cleanse Scent, making it an extremely strong debuff. 

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Scarab Curse?

Most of the Axies that use this card are damage/utility Bugs. Scarab Curse is an amazing counter to teams that have a lot of healing cards.

Using this card on enemy Axies like the backline healing and Immortal Plant will force them to take damage and prevent them from regenerating. The Anemone Aqua will also be in a pickle when facing off against a Bug with this card in its arsenal.

Pros and Cons of the Scarab Curse Card


  • Deals great damage and provides decent shields
  • Prevents the target from healing


  • Effect is only useful against targets with healing cards

Scarab Curse Card Synergies

  • Allergic Reaction, Blood Taste, Dull Grip, Grub Explode, Grub Surprise, Mite Bite, Terror Chomp, Twin Needle
  • Offensive Bug cards
  • Anesthetic Bait, Blood Taste
  • Defensive Bug cards
  • Bug Signal, Chemical Warfare, Disguise, Mystic Rush, Numbing Lecretion, Sunder Claw, Third Glance
  • Utility Bug cards

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