Ultimate Guide to Axie Cards And Effects

In Axie Infinity, you create teams of 3 to battle it out in adventure or arena. In these battles, you use moves in the form of cards in order to attack your opponent and defend your Axie from damage. Currently, there are 132 cards in the game, each with its own unique effect and card graphic. 

These cards are divided into the 6 classes present in the game, namely: Aqua, Beast, Bird, Bug, Plant, and Reptile. The cards an Axie has are based on its parts. For example, an Axie that has the Imp part as its horn will have the card Ivory Stab. 

Ivory Stab
An Axie Infinity card

This is why you’ll often hear players talk about parts and cards as if they are interchangeable. 

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How Do Cards Work?

You are given the chance to play cards every round. These cards contain the moves your Axie has in its arsenal. 

Moves could either be offensive or defensive in nature, depending on the type of Axie. You also start the match with 6 cards and draw 3 after every round thereafter.

This is the anatomy of a card in Axie Infinity:

  • Card Name – the name of the move
  • Energy Cost – how much energy is needed to activate the card
  • Damage – how much damage the move deals, can be higher or lower depending on the class of your Axie, as well as the opponent’s class*
  • Shielding – how many shields your Axie receives from the card*
  • Card Effect – the effect or condition of the card, varies from card to card

*10% bonus if the Axie has the same element with the move. 15% bonus if the enemy Axie is weak to the element of the move. These bonuses can stack.

You may also have already noticed that the cards are also color-coded, meaning that they indicate the body color of their respective Axies; Aqua cards are blue, Plant cards are green, etc.

Card Effects

Most cards have different effects and conditions. They can be classified into buffs and debuffs or conditional abilities.

Buffs and Debuffs

While most are self-explanatory, there are several effects that are not thoroughly explained in the game like buffs and debuffs.

You can check more about buffs and debuffs in this article:

Buffs And Debuffs


Attack Up/Attack+Increases the damage of the next attack by 20%
Morale Up/Morale+Increases Morale by 20% for the next round
Speed Up/Speed+Increases Speed by 20% for the next round

All buffs are stackable.


AromaThe affected Axie is prioritized until the effect wears off
Attack Down/Attack-Decreases the damage of the next attack by 20%
ChillAffected Axie will not be able to enter Last Stand
FearAffected Axie cannot attack
FragileShields take double damage on the next attack
JinxAffected Axie cannot deal critical strikes until effects wear off
LethalThe next attack on the affected Axie is a critical hit
Morale Down/Morale-Decreases morale by 20% for the next round, effect is stackable
PoisonAffected Axie loses 2 HP after every action, effect is stackable
SleepThe next attack will ignore shields.
Speed Down/Speed-Decreases speed by 20% for the next round, effect is stackable
StenchAffected Axie will be ignored by attackers until effect wears off
StunEither the affected Axie’s attack misses, or the incoming attack ignores shields

Some debuffs are stackable: Attack-, Poison, and Speed Down.

Card Conditions

There are cards that have additional effects when certain conditions are met.

Deep Sea Gore
Heroic Reward
Bug Splat
Why So Serious

Cards like Deep Sea Gore, Heroic Reward, Bug Splat, and Why So Serious are some examples of cards whose conditions are met when attacking.

Sticky Goo
Anesthetic Bait

Cards like Shipwreck, Sticky Goo, Anesthetic Bait, and Bulkwark are examples of cards with defensive conditions.

Tail Slap
Ivory Stab
Carrot Hammer

There are cards that can let you gain/steal energy if the conditions are met. Tail Slap, Ivory Stab, Disguise, and Carrot Hammer are a few examples.

Single Combat
Tiny Swing
Angry Lam
Nut Throw
Nut Crack

The most devastating card conditions are the ones that increase damage. Cards like Single Combat, Tiny Swing, Angry Lam, and both Nut Throw and Nut Crack are cards that gain damage if used at the right moment.

Aqua Deflect
Gerbil Jump
Smart Shot
Spinal Tap

Lastly, there are card conditions that can affect targeting and prioritization, such as Aqua Deflect, Gerbil Jump, Smart Shot, and Spinal Tap.

Class Cards and Types

I previously mentioned how an Axie’s parts dictate what moves it can perform. These parts also influence the stats an Axie has. 

Axies vary in stats depending on their body (class) and their parts. For example, a pure Plant Axie can have 61 points in Health, 49 in Speed, 31 in Skill, and 53 in Morale. 


Aqua Axies have the advantage when it comes to Speed and a slight advantage in Health.

Crimson Water
Hero's Bane
Scale Dart
Star Shuriken

Aqua cards are usually high damage with relatively low shielding. They are strong against Beast, Bug, and Mech, but weak against Dusk, Plant, and Reptile.

Swift Escape
Water Sphere
Tail Slap

Aqua Axies can also buff themselves and apply debuffs to the enemy Axie. Aqua cards also provide some form of self-healing and energy gain.


Beast Axies’ major attribute is Morale and their secondary is in Speed, which means they excel in dealing critical strikes, card combos, and entering Last Stand. 

Single Combat
Nut Crack
Nut Throw
Ivory Stab

These are standardized Beast cards that you would often see in pure Beast Axies.

Luna Absorb
Night Steal
Piercing Sound

Beasts are also experts in manipulating the flow of energy. with moves that let you gain, steal, and destroy energy from your opponents. 


Bird Axies, similar to Aqua Axies, excel in Speed, but their secondary attribute is in Morale. Although Axies in this class are squishy and easy to kill, they make up for it with sheer amounts of damage and prioritization, making them a glass cannon capable of targeting and blowing up the Axies at the back, even if the tank is still alive. 

Dark Swoop
Smart Shot
Patient Hunter

Bird moves usually counter Aqua Axies, since their moves target either Aquas, Bugs, or the fastest Axie on the enemy team. Their class advantages and disadvantages are the same as Aqua.

Heart Break
Cool Breeze

They also have a ton of buffs and debuffs in their arsenal, on top of the massive amounts of damage they can deal.


Bug Axies have high Morale like their Beast counterparts, but their secondary attribute is Health. Bugs wreak havoc on the enemy team with their various effects and debuffs.

Third Glance
Numbing Lecretion
Chemical Warfare
Sticky Goo

They also have decent amounts of damage backed by their somewhat high critical strike chance.

Dull Grip
Allergic Reaction
Terror Chomp
Bug Splat

Most bug parts dominate the meta setting. Cards like Terror Chomp can make the target miss twice


Plant Axies are experts on defense as they boast their main attribute of Health and secondary attribute of Morale. Plants have tons of shields and healing to keep themselves healthy and soak damage for the team’s backline.

October Treat
Healing Aroma
Shroom's Grace
Sweet Party

Cards like October Treat or Carrot Hammer are good moves to have on a frontline Plant.

Carrot Hammer
Vegetal Bite
Gas Unleash
Leek Leak

Axies in this class offer decent amounts of utility in the form of energy gain/steal and debuffs towards the enemy.


Lastly, Reptile is another tank class in the game. Their main attribute is Health, and their secondary is Speed.

Slippery Shield
Scaly Lunge
Surprise Invasion
Kotaro Bite

Reptile cards are tanky with a lot of conditional abilities. As they say, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Meeting these conditions will be worthwhile in every battle using a Reptile.

Jar Barrage
Critical Escape
Tiny Catapult

Reptiles also have distinct defensive abilities, such as damage reduction and reflection.

Card Crafting and Improvement?

What if I don’t like the cards my Axie has? Can I change them? 

via Giphy

As of now (November 2021), there hasn’t been any mechanic implemented that lets players craft or improve cards. 

There has been news about implementing a way to release Axies in order to gain crafting materials, which could then be used to upgrade land, land items, and body parts. They could also be used in crafting consumables and buying/rolling cosmetics. 

For now, all we can do is wait for more news and hope this new mechanic is implemented soon.

Pro Tips:

  • Pick the cards that fit your playing style. Because you can mix and match cards and effects, you can find the perfect Axie that fits your preferred combat style like a glove.
  • Keep in mind the effects and conditions of your cards. Try to memorize them in order to avoid rookie mistakes in battles.
  • Cards have different uses in various circumstances. Be flexible with your decisions and don’t focus too intently on a single possibility.
  • You can look at your opponent’s Axies in matches, as well as the moves they have in their arsenal. Plan your moves accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the bonuses and penalties that are associated with your Axie’s class and move set in order to make sure your calculations are accurate.

What do you think about this card guide? Did I miss out on anything? Comment it down below!

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