Poison is a stackable debuff that makes the affected Axie take 2 damage per stack after every action. 

This debuff works against any target and is useful in teams with Axies that can take a lot of damage. 

Apply the debuff to multiple enemy Axies, and play a lot of cards to keep activating the Poison damage. 
As of now (September 2021), the cards that can apply this debuff are the Bug card Barb Strike, the Plant card Gas Unleash, and the Reptile card Venom Spray.

Barb Strike
Gas Unleash
Venom Spray

This debuff is great against aggressive enemies that play a lot of moves, especially when Gas Unleash is played. 

Poison will slowly whittle down the enemy Axie’s health with every action, which add up as the game progresses.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Applying Poison in early rounds will ensure that it continuously deals damage to affected Axies. Using attacks that deal multiple hits is good for activating poison ticks because every hit counts as an action. 

Cards like Triple Threat, Twin Needle, and Juggling Balls are examples of moves that can hit multiple times. 

Triple Threat
Twin Needle
Juggling Balls

It is also great for activating card effects that require a debuff, or Poison itself. Allergic Reaction and Neuro Toxin are good cards to follow up with Poison.

Allergic Reaction
Neuro Toxin

Cards that have tons of shields could also be used in order to stall the enemy team, which forces them to do more actions and take more damage from Poison. October Treat, Slippery Shield, Shelter, and Woodman Power are examples of cards that give large amounts of shields.

October Treat
Slippery Shield
Woodman Power

Insight and Recommendations

Poison is definitely one of the strongest debuffs in the game. Many high-ranking players run it on their teams at high MMR to great success. 

The damage it deals could also be left unnoticed and underestimated, but as the stacks increase and the game goes on, it gets more and more significant. It sticks on an Axie the whole match, and unless they have a way to remove the debuff, they’ll keep taking damage. 
This makes Allergic Reaction a great companion to Poison because it deals 130% more damage to debuffed Axies. If a Bug uses it against a poisoned Plant/Reptile/Dusk Axie, it deals 25% more on top of the 130% damage

Neuro Toxin is also decent, but not necessary in a team that specializes in Poison. Attack- can help Poison teams with high defense stall for longer. It also has fair damage at 100 and pretty good shields at 50.

In general, Poison is a great debuff to center a team around. However, you need good timing to effectively use it, especially when it comes to Gas Unleash. If you play it before an enemy plays long card combos that could wipe out your tank, they will get poisoned first.

Pro Tips:

  • Poison is strongest when played early in the match, alongside cards that take advantage of debuffed enemies
  • Use the Axie with Gas Unleash and a few defensive options as your frontline so you can reliably apply Poison on the enemy team
  • Stack Poison on the enemy team so they can get taken out faster, use Axies that have multiple cards with Poison or multi-hit
  • Poison stacks indefinitely; the more stacks you apply on the opponent, the more damage you deal

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