Fear is a debuff that makes the affected Axie’s shields take double damage on the next attack. 

This debuff works against any target with shields, but it’s especially effective against Axies that have a lot of them. 
As of now (September 2021), only the Bug card Buzzing Wind is able to inflict this debuff.

Buzzing Wind

This debuff is ideal against tanky Axie classes or Axies that can put up tons of shields in general. 

Using Fragile will make even the strongest of shields break like glass when played correctly.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Inflicting Fragile before you attack with high-damage cards is a good tactic against tanky Axies with lots of shields like the Plant, Reptile, or Dusk class. 

There are also other Axies that may not necessarily belong to those classes but have a card that gives high shielding.

Cards like October Treat, Slippery Shield, Shelter, and Woodman Power are examples of cards that give large amounts of shields. 

If the enemy has a good amount of energy, they can also play lots of cards with moderate shields instead. It’s important to check the enemy cards beforehand and plan accordingly.

October Treat
Slippery Shield
Woodman Power

Insight and Recommendations

Unfortunately, Buzzing Wind isn’t a great card. It may cost zero energy and apply Fragile to enemy targets, but its measly 10 damage and 30 shields are weak. 
It also takes up the back part, which could be replaced by good Bug cards such as Sticky Goo, Barb Strike, Bug Noise, Bug Splat, and Scarab Curse. Going for Buzzing Wind would depend on your current team, and how the move would fit with your playstyle

Sticky Goo
Barb Strike
Bug Noise
Bug Splat
Scarab Curse

These cards are great for the damage, shields, and utility they bring to the table:

  • Sticky Goo is a great defensive/utility card
  • Barb Strike has decent damage, shields, and can apply Poison
  • Bug Noise has decent damage, shields, and applies Attack-
  • Bug Splat is pretty decent with 110 damage and is strong against Bugs
  • Scarab Curse has decent damage, shields, and is good against teams with many healing cards

Generally speaking, Buzzing Wind isn’t good on its own; its value as a card relies on the type of enemies you face, making consistency a big issue. 

The only use I see for it would be inflicting Fragile on enemies that have especially high shields, or using it as a filler card for combos and effects. 

Unless changes are made to the card or the debuff itself, I don’t see any reason to prioritize adding Fragile in your arsenal. 

Pro Tips:

  • Fragile isn’t an amazing debuff, but it still works in certain situations, especially against high shield team compositions
  • Use Buzzing Wind at the start of your combos and follow it up with high damage moves to utilize the double damage dealt to shields, you can also use other cards depending on the size of the shield
  • There are better cards that can replace Buzzing Wind, finding the right one depends on the type of team you are planning to build, as well as your preferred playing style

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