Sleep is a debuff that makes the next attack that hits the affected Axie ignore shields.  

This debuff works against any target and is useful against teams with lots of shields. 

It can also be used by teams that don’t have a lot of cards that can break through large shields. 
Currently (September, 2021), the only card that can apply this debuff is Soothing Song, which belongs to the Bird class

Soothing Song

This debuff is great at bypassing shields and directly attacking an enemy’s HP. 

When used alongside other high-damage attacks, Sleep can easily take out Axies without even touching their shield.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Inflicting Sleep at the start of a combo and before a devastating attack is the most efficient way of using it. Cards that dish out a lot of damage could then focus on destroying the enemy’s health bars instead of dealing with pesky shields. 

A great combo to have on a Bird Axie is Soothing Song > high-damage card > Soothing Song > high-damage card.

This combo can take out most Axies with relative ease, depending on class advantages and the target’s health points. 

An example of a high-damage combo Bird Axies can do is Soothing Song > All-out Shot > Soothing Song > All-out Shot.

All-out Shot

Insight and Recommendations

The All-out Shot-Soothing Song combo is not only amazing, but it only costs 2 energy to play. However, you must be wary about your Axie’s health, because you can only use it three times at most because of its effect, sometimes even less.

Overall, Sleep is a great debuff to run on a team. The card Soothing Song itself ignores enemy shields before applying the debuff and deals a decent bit of damage. 

The only drawbacks are that it replaces Dark Swoop, a good backdoor move on Birds, and it’s only useful in offensive situations.

Unlike Stun, Sleep will not influence the affected Axie’s offensive capabilities. It will not cause attacks to miss nor will it reduce the damage in any way. Even so, it’s still a great tool to burst unsuspecting enemies without any difficulty.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t put all your cards on Sleep, especially because there is only one card that can inflict it as of now. You should also learn when–and when not–to use it, because there may be times where your opponent may not even put up shields, wasting your debuff. 

It’s best to use Sleep against high-value targets, or against enemy Axies that you think will put up tons of shields.

Pro Tips:

  • Sleep is most effective when used with a damage-focused team
  • Pairing it with All-out Shot can create a deadly combo that only costs two energy, but will also damage your own Axie
  • Use it sparingly and only against threats that can easily be taken down by bypassing their shields

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