Fear is a debuff that forces the affected Axie’s next attack to miss. This debuff is good against any target, but it’s especially effective against Axies that deal a lot of damage because it significantly reduces the amount of damage they deal. 

As of now (September 2021), only the Bird card Balloon Pop and Bug cards Grub Surprise and Terror Chomp are able to inflict this debuff.

Balloon Pop
Grub Surprise
Terror Chomp

This debuff is ideal against targets that can dish out tons of damage, as well as Axies that are heavily reliant on their combos or attacks landing. 

Using Fear on Axies that have threatening card combos can prevent them from executing, therefore reducing the overall damage they deal to your team. 
Keep in mind that this debuff disappears when the affected Axie attacks or is attacked, only making it good for making one attack miss.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

As I’ve said previously, Fear is a good counter to Axies that rely on card combinations. Putting Fear on a terminator Reptile can cause their debuff and Allergic Reaction combo to deal significantly less damage. On the other hand, using it against Beasts that have the Single Target and Ivory Stab combo could then prevent the enemy from gaining energy.

Allergic Reaction
Ivory Stab
Terror Chomp

Insight and Recommendations

Balloon Pop is a Bird move that applies Fear to a target for one turn. 

However, it self-inflicts Fear if used defensively, which makes this card less than ideal to have. Although it costs zero energy to play, it only deals 40 damage, provides no shields, and the possible cons of its effect outweigh the pros. It also takes up the back part, which has other cards that are definitely better.

Grub Explode is a pretty decent card for the Bug class with 100 damage (updated) and 50 shields. It is the third most effective card when it comes to damage, lagging behind Dull Grip and Third Glance. This card still stands as a good substitute. 

Because it inflicts Fear on shielded targets, it will be pretty easy to apply the debuff on enemy axies. Most cards provide shields, even though they’re not inherently defensive in nature. The only time it won’t inflict Fear is when the enemy passes the round or uses cards that don’t have shields

Terror Chomp is one of the top-tier Bug cards because of its exceptionally high damage at 120, the highest in the Bug class. 

It also applies fear for 2 turns, which is good if you or your opponent plan to make a big move the next round. 

Keep in mind that you need to play it in a chain, not a combo, meaning that you need to play a card from a different axie in the same turn. You also need to consider your team’s overall play style as well.

Pro Tips:

  • Fear is a debuff that can reduce the enemy’s damage output
  • Use Fear if you feel that your opponent will be attacking in order to make them miss their attacks and combos
  • Always remember that Fear will disappear if you attack the affected Axie, use it wisely

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