Stun is a debuff that makes the next attack that hits the affected Axie ignore shields or forces that Axie’s next attack to miss. 

This debuff works against any target and is useful against teams with lots of shields or heavily relies on card combos. 
Currently (September 2021), only the Bug cards Sticky Goo and Anesthetic Bait, as well as the Reptile card Chomp inflict this debuff.

Sticky Goo
Anesthetic Bait

This debuff can be used for bypassing shields and directly attacking an enemy’s HP, as well as forcing crucial enemy attacks to miss. 

When used alongside other high-damage attacks, Stun can damage Axies through their shields or prevent retaliation. 

It is also used in locking down opponents from attacking your team.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Inflicting Stun on enemy Axies before a high-damage attack ensures that it hits the enemy’s HP directly. Since it’s also a debuff, Allergic Reaction greatly benefits from Stun, dealing huge amounts of damage while ignoring shields at the same time.

Allergic Reaction

You can also use Stun defensively by playing Sticky Goo or Anesthetic Bait against Aqua/Bird Axies. You can even put Chomp at the end of your combo to make the enemy miss their first attack the next round. However, keep in mind that any action can cancel Stun.

You can use a defensive card like October Treat or Shelter to remove it. You can also use a filler/zero-cost card before playing your combo. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much to do if your opponent has a lot of cards with stun other than hope for a miracle crit.

Insight and Recommendations

Stun is similar to the debuff Sleep and it is a great counter against Axies that are reliant on card combos like Beasts. Stunning them can cause their combos to be less effective, hindering their overall damage output. It also neutralizes the already small shields their cards offer.

It’s a must-have debuff on Terminator Reptiles so they can lock down enemy Axies and follow up with Allergic Reaction for big damage. Most Terminators have both Sticky Goo and Chomp in their move sets. 

Whenever my team faces them, there’s a good chance I will lose, because I usually run an Aqua-Aqua-Plant team composition.

Pro Tips:

  • Use Stun to bypass an opponent’s shield or prevent their next attack from landing
  • You can remove stun by doing an action, meaning putting in a defensive or filler card before your actual combo will prevent you from losing out on damage
  • Stun is a pain to deal with (especially with low energy) saving up on energy will enable you to use longer combo strings that can compensate for the lost damage from missing an attack or two

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