Aroma is a debuff that attracts Axies and focuses all attacks on the affected Axie. 

This debuff is used in drawing attacks away from allied Axies, or targeting specific enemies when applied or transferred. 

As of now (September 2021), only the Bird card Eggbomb can apply this debuff and only to the axie that uses it.


Belonging to the Bird class, Eggbomb boasts high damage, though it gives no shields and inflicts Aroma on the user. You might think that this card is kind of useless because it puts the user in harm’s way, but that is where the card Blackmail comes in.


See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Can I Use It?

When combined with Blackmail, Eggbomb suddenly becomes a big threat, especially if the Bird has cards that can target specific enemies, such as Dark Swoop and Smart Shot. Currently, transferring it by using Blackmail after Eggbomb is the only way you can apply Aroma to enemies.

Dark Swoop
Smart Shot

Insight and Recommendations

When using Aroma, it’s important to know when you should use it to draw in enemy attacks or to focus your damage on a single target. 

If you want to keep the Axie in front alive and you’re confident you can survive the enemy combo, then it is a good strategy to apply Aroma to yourself. 

However, if you plan to burst a specific target, then combining it with Blackmail is a good way to pile damage onto an enemy Axie.

While this debuff isn’t exactly amazing and could easily be substituted with other moves that have target prioritization, the card that inflicts it is one of the high-damage Bird cards. Unfortunately, without Blackmail, its uses are highly limited.

If you plan to buy a Bird Axie, I highly recommend taking Dark Swoop/Peace Treaty, Headshot, Patient Hunter, and Early Bird/Cool Breeze/All-out Shot if you want a good damage dealer.

Peace Treaty
Patient Hunter
Early Bird
Cool Breeze
All-out Shot

If you still plan to run Eggbomb, I recommend taking Blackmail and Risky Feather in addition to Dark Swoop/Smart Shot.

Risky Feather

Pro Tips:

  • Only use Aroma on yourself if you want to save a dying teammate and your Bird axie will survive the attack, you can sacrifice your Bird as well if it isn’t ideal for victory
  • Blackmail is a good card to have alongside Eggbombg and Risky Feather because you can easily transfer the self-inflicted debuffs
  • Use Aroma to focus all your damage on a single target in the same round to burst it down

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