Jinx is a debuff that makes the affected Axie unable to deal critical strikes for a certain period of time. 

This debuff will work against any target, but it’s especially effective against Axies that have a lot of critical strikes. 
As of now (September 2021), only the Aqua card Black Bubble and Bird card Ill-omened can apply this debuff

Black Bubble

This debuff is ideal against Axies that are likely to land critical strikes. Using Jinx on Axies that have guaranteed critical strikes on their card effects, high Morale, or cards that apply Morale+, will mitigate the additional damage they could deal through crits.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Inflicting Jinx before the enemy attacks is a good tactic against enemy Axies, especially those with high Morale, since the critical strike chance of an Axie is dependent on their Morale. There are even times where Axies with low Morale get lucky and deal critical damage out of nowhere, so keep in mind that the chances may be low, but never zero.

Beasts are the usual suspects when it comes to critical striking, and having Jinx against a team that runs them would be a good counter. 
Cards in the Beast class such as Single Combat, Ivory Stab, and Sinister Strike are examples of moves that benefit from critical strikes. Using Jinx against opponents that have these cards can drastically reduce their effectiveness, allowing you to capitalize on their disadvantage.

Single Combat
Ivory Stab
Sinister Strike

Insight and Recommendations

Black Bubble is a pretty mediocre Aqua card. Its damage is a bit lower than most cards in the Aqua’s arsenal, but 40 shield is somewhat decent. 

It also takes up a tail slot, which could otherwise provide amazing moves like Upstream Swim, Chitin Jump, and Tail Slap.

Upstream Swim
Chitin Jump
Tail Slap

Ill-omened is a good Bird card. 110 damage is pretty high and 30 shield is somewhat decent for Birds. It’s a good substitute card if you can’t find Heart Break and Patient Hunter, or you don’t plan on running the self-inflicted debuffs and Blackmail combo.

Heart Break
Patient Hunter

Jinx is another debuff that can affect all targets, but its value lies in whether or not the enemy will be dealing critical damage in the first place. It’s not an amazing effect that will guarantee you victory, but it will make a difference in certain situations. 

Random lucky crits are rare but incredibly frustrating, so if you don’t want to give your opponent room to test their luck, having a card that applies Jinx may be what you want. 

Because my Axies do not have Jinx, I have no other choice but to hope the enemy doesn’t crit or I take their Axies out before they even get a chance to attack. 

This tactic works for the most part, but when my opponent gets a lucky crit, I can’t help but pull a few hairs out in sheer frustration.

Pro Tips:

  • Jinx is especially effective against classes that are prone to crit
  • Apply Jinx against targets that have guaranteed critical strikes in their move set or if you feel they have a good chance of doing so
  • Use Jinx in tandem with cards that you can prioritize targets so you don’t have a hard time applying it on enemy damage dealers

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