Speed Down/Speed-

As the counterpart to the Speed+ buff, this debuff instead inflicts a 20% penalty to the Speed stat until the next round and is also stackable. 

This debuff is arguably one of the strongest since it dictates the order in which Axies can play their moves. 
As of writing, there are only 3 moves that inflict this debuff, Mystic Rush from the Bug class, and Nile Strike and Disarm from the Reptile class.

Mystic Rush

Nile Strike

Speed Down greatly affects targets with a high speed stat, which makes it an immensely effective debuff against Aqua and Bird Axies. This debuff will make those classes less of a threat, and more of a target when used effectively. 

Because it is a percentage value, it is more effective against Axies that naturally have high Speed stats. Although Speed- isn’t as good against slower Axies, they’re not a big threat anyway since they already move last. 

This debuff can dictate the flow of games and the victor in battles. Mastering when it should be used can improve one’s odds of earning SLP in the Arena.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Can I Use It?

All Speed- debuff cards last for 2 rounds. Mystic Rush is one of the better zero-cost cards since it applies Speed- and offers a fair bit of damage. 

On the other hand, Nile Strike and Disarm are pretty decent cards to have on a non-terminator build Reptile. The former has pretty good damage and shielding for a Reptile card, and the latter boasts one of the highest base damages in that class’s arsenal, while also providing a fair bit of shielding.

Insight and Recommendations

Unfortunately, having Speed- in your hand might not be able to completely turn the tides in your favor, especially if you don’t have a lot of damage to finish the job. 

Mystic Rush takes up the horn slot, which could be taken by Dull Grip, another strong Bug card. 

However, if you have other strong Bug cards such as Terror Chomp, Bug Splat, Sticky Goo, Barb Strike, Anesthetic Bite, Numbing Lecretion, or Allergic Reaction (along with other debuffs), it may prove to be a worthwhile investment against faster teams. 

Terror Chomp
Bug Splat
Sticky Goo
Barb Strike
Anesthetic Bait
Numbing Lecretion
Allergic Reaction

Nile Strike and Disarm are pretty decent Speed- cards and they’re good to have on a Reptile that isn’t a Terminator since those could cost upwards of $600. 

However, it’s important to note that Speed Down should be used in tandem with other damage cards in order to take advantage of the debuff, and burst Axies down before they get a chance to play their cards. 

Unfortunately, Reptiles are one of the slower Axie classes, meaning that their Speed- debuff would technically be of use during the following round, which is why these cards aren’t as strong as they seem. 

It’s better to get Terminator Reptiles, if you can, because they are more consistent (and more annoying to fight against) when it comes to PvP.

Pro Tips:

  • Speed- is similar to Speed+ when it comes to dictating the outcome of fights
  • Unfortunately, Speed- is less effective when used against already slow Axies, which is why it should be saved against fast targets
  • Speed- can be used to cancel out Speed+
  • There is only a window of opportunity when you inflict Speed-. Take advantage of this window to outspeed and burst high-value targets down before it runs out

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