Morale Up/Morale+

Morale Up is a stackable (max of 5) buff that grants the Axie a 20% increase to the Morale stat that lasts until the next round. 

Morale+ can increase the chance of your Axie landing critical hits, as well as entering Last Stand. 

This buff is unique to Beast Axies posessing the cards Self Rally and Rampant Howl.

Self Rally
Rampant Howl

The usage of this buff is pretty straightforward. Offensively, Morale+ will increase your chance of dishing out tons of damage through critical strikes, so playing a card that increases morale before attacking is ideal. 

Defensively, if you want your Axie to enter Last Stand after the enemy combo, Morale+ will tip the scales slightly in your favor.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Can I Use It?

Personally, my Beast does not have this buff, but if I were to use it, I’d play Self Rally before playing my combos, since my critical chance would significantly get higher. 

I could also use it in a defensive way because Morale affects how much health difference is needed for an Axie to enter Last Stand. Increasing my Morale before an enemy combo that I know will just barely take out my Axie will make entering Last Stand more likely. 

Cards like Ivory Stab and Sinister Strike would synergize well with this buff.

Ivory Stab
Sinister Strike

Insight and Recommendations

Having this buff is not as important as having high damage Beast cards. If you can opt for a Beast that has Single Combat, the two Nut Cracker part cards, Sinister Strike, Ivory Stab, or Luna Absorb, go with that instead. 

Beasts naturally have high Morale, and Single Combat is a guaranteed critical strike if comboed with two cards. The only perks of having Self Rally is that it’s a 0 cost card that also gives 30 shielding, and it could be used in making sure Single Combat crits. 

Rampant Howl, on the other hand, is highly situational. More often than not, players can simply make sure that your Beast does not enter Last Stand by dishing out tons of damage, attacking them while in Last Stand, or using cards like Star Shuriken, Hero’s Bane, and Grub Explode to make sure they get taken out. 

While the effect of Rampant Howl does benefit the entire team, the issue lies with how consistently you’ll be able to use its effect, because entering Last Stand is a fairly rare occurrence. Although the amount of damage and shielding it offers is pretty decent, it could be a good substitute if you can’t find an Axie that has great Beast moves. 

While it could be combined with Nitro Leap to make your beast move first if it’s in Last Stand, there are still underlying consistency issues that are still unresolved, or could easily be countered by your opponent. 

Pro Tips:

  • Morale+ is arguably one of the least beneficial buffs.
  • While Morale Up may seem like a good buff for Beast Axies, there are simply too many issues when it comes to draws and situational consistency. There are also top-tier players who don’t think that Beasts are a great class when it comes to high MMR since they are greatly dependent on their combos.
  • Choose Beasts with already high damage cards above other cards in the class.

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