Lethal is a debuff that makes the next attack against the affected Axie a guaranteed critical hit. 

This debuff works against any target and can be used to burst squishy targets, whittle down tanky Axies, and take advantage of card effects that are triggered by critical strikes. 

As of now (September 2021), only the Beast card Death Mark can inflict this debuff.

Death Mark

This debuff is great against enemy Axies that should be taken down as quickly as possible, as well as reducing the number of cards needed to take out tanky Axies.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Applying Lethal before a high-damage attack would drastically boost its attack power because critical strikes deal 100% more damage than non-critical strikes. A guaranteed critical strike is also great for activating certain cards like Ivory Stab’s and Sinister Strike’s effects.

Ivory Stab
Sinister Strike

Beasts are great in activating this debuff because most of their cards rely on critical strikes, or would greatly benefit from it. 

Aqua and Bird are also good Axies that can follow up with Lethal because they have attacks that can deal immense amounts of damage, especially if they crit.

Cards like Risky Feather, Headshot, Crimson Water, and Hero’s Bane will surely pop enemy Axies like a balloon.

Risky Feather
Crimson Water
Hero's Bane

Insight and Recommendations

Lethal is a great debuff to have on your arsenal in terms of damage. Unfortunately, there is only one card that applies this debuff and its condition is pretty hard to satisfy.


Death Mark requires the Axie to be at 30% HP or lower, and its 90 damage and 30 shields are mediocre for a Beast Axie. Since it takes up a mouth part, Nut Crack, Piercing Sound, and Self Rally wouldn’t be available to you if you have Death Mark.

Nut Crack
Piercing Sound
Self Rally
  • Nut Crack is a pretty good card to have alongside other Nut Cracker parts (Nut Throw)
  • Piercing Sound is also a huge pain for enemies to deal with, especially if they need a lot of energy to pull off their combos and strategies
  • Self Rally is also somewhat useful because it increases Morale, therefore increasing the chance of critical strikes and entering Last Stand

If there are more consistent cards that inflict Lethal in future updates, I’m sure it would be a great addition to almost every team that wants to take advantage of the sheer amount of damage critical strikes deal. 

For now, Lethal is an amazing debuff that is held back by the conditions needed to apply it.

Pro Tips:

  • Lethal is great at blowing up targets, follow it up with strong attack cards for best results
  • Death Mark is pretty inconsistent, but if you have a team composition that lets you inflict Lethal often, it will drastically increase your team’s damage output
  • If Lethal is applied on your axie, decide whether it’s best to put up tons of shields in hopes that it survives, or just let it go

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