Morale Down/Morale

Being the counterpart to the Morale+ buff, this debuff instead inflicts a 20% penalty to the Morale stat until the next round, and it is also stackable. 

This debuff will make critical hits and entering into Last Stand significantly less likely. 
As of now (September 2021), only the Bird move Heart Break can inflict it.

Heart Break

Morale- greatly affects targets with a high morale stat, which makes it an immensely effective debuff against Beast Axies. 

This debuff will make Beasts less of a threat, and more of a target when used effectively. 

The equation that determines if an Axie will enter Last Stand is based on the Morale stat. Morale- makes the sweet spot for entering Last Stand smaller, which in turn makes it less likely. 

Unfortunately, Morale- is only effective against targets with substantial amounts of Morale and loses its purpose against targets that rarely crit or enter Last Stand.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Use Heart Break in tandem with a target prioritization card like Dark Swoop or Smart Shot in order to apply Morale- to Axies behind the frontline. 

Using it at the start or in the middle of a combo is good because you can apply Morale- before the target Axie dies, and prevents any unwanted crits that can prematurely take the enemy Axie out, making it enter Last Stand.

Insight and Recommendations

Heart Break is one of the best moves in the Bird class’s arsenal. 

Even though Morale- is only effective at certain times and against specific targets, this card has 120 base damage and a small bit of shielding. It trumps cards like Air Force One, Feather Lunge, Insectivore, and Puffy Smack, in terms of consistency.

Air Force One
Feather Lunge
Puffy Smack

Since both Air Force One and Feather Lunge only gain more damage when paired with another Trump part and Lunge card respectively. While the former does have 10 more points of shielding, the Morale- gives a little bit more agency to the player. 

Insectivore only has 110 damage, its effect only targets Bug targets, and it only works if the Bird only has 50% and below HP, which you absolutely do not want since Birds are extremely squishy and have low max HP. 

It’s also a Beak part, meaning that it replaces Dark Swoop, one of the most threatening cards, and Peace Treaty, another great high damage card. Puffy Smack is only effective in certain scenarios since Bird Axies can deal tons of damage that can make entering Last Stand improbable.

Dark Swoop
Peace Treaty

However, Heart Break is a back part, which means you cannot have Blackmail, a good move to have if your Axie has a lot of self-inflicted debuffs like Aroma from Eggbomb and Attack- from Risky Feather. 

In this situation, it’s better to opt for a way of transferring debuffs than going for Morale- since both Aroma and Attack- are generally the more useful option. 

A strong Bird Axie should have Dark Swoop/Peace Treaty, Eggbomb, Blackmail, and Risky Feather or other similar high damage moves.

Pro Tips:

  • Morale- is especially useful against certain targets that have high Morale. Other than that, it falls a bit short against other debuffs.
  • Heart Break is better than other Bird moves but pales in comparison with the top-tier cards in the Bird’s arsenal
  • Blackmail and Patient Hunter are better in most Bird builds.

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