Attack Up/Attack+

Attack Up is a stackable (max of 5) buff that grants the Axie 20% more damage on their next attack. 
Only a handful of cards are able to give this buff; mostly Axies from the Aqua class, and the card Cockadoodledoo from the Bird class.

Clam Slash
Fish Hook

When using this buff, there are a few considerations. Since Attack+ is based on percentages, using it on cards with high base damage drastically increases its attack power compared to using it on low damage cards. Therefore, this buff is useful against enemies with high defense or has the class advantage over the attacking Axie. 

For example, an Aqua Axie may not be able to take out a Plant Axie in a single combo because the latter holds a class advantage over the former. Using the card Fish Hook, an Aqua Axie could then increase the damage of its next attack, which could possibly make up for the difference in classes. 

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Can I Use It?

Personally, I use this buff to compensate for the damage my Axie loses when fighting classes against which it has a disadvantage. 

My Aqua has Fish Hook and I use it in tandem with my Beast in order to blow up the frontline Axie (usually a Plant) or make sure that it gets taken out if it has cards with tons of shields. I could also store the bonus damage this buff gives me and use it at a later time when I think the extra damage would come in handy. 

If I think that the damage of my other Axie will be enough to take out the enemy Axie, I would opt to use the damage boost at a more opportune time. I’ve also encountered players that use Cockadoodledo before playing their Bird combos to devastating effect–dealing almost 200 damage with a single attack. 

Insight and Recommendations

I recommend having at least Fish Hook in your arsenal if you have an Aqua Axie. Shipwreck and Clam Slash aren’t as effective in my opinion because you don’t need a lot of shields on your Aqua; they are only good in certain situations and one could instead prioritize Speed in those circumstances. 

On the other hand, Clam Slash is not necessarily needed for bursting Beast, Bug, or Mech targets anyway, because you already hold the class advantage over those Axies, and it only takes 3 high (100+) damage cards to take those specific classes out. 

The only advantage it holds over Fish Hook is the 10 additional shielding it provides, which I doubt would be of much use aside from the instances where that 10 extra health would guarantee victory, an extremely rare occurrence. 

As for Cockadoodledo, you can opt not to get an Axie with this card if they already have tons of damage options. Since Bird Axies are natural damage dealers, having Attack+ may seem like a good way to further boost their damage, but it’s actually overkill and might cause problems when it comes to consistency.

Pro Tips:

  • Attack Up is a good buff to have to provide additional damage that could come in handy for bursting Axies, or making sure they do not enter Last Stand.
  • Holding the buff is also another option if you’re absolutely certain that you have enough damage already. The boost could come in handy in a later situation, especially in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Don’t put all your confidence on this buff and leave room for error. If your opponent somehow prevents you from getting Attack+, your plan might fail and you may have a tough time catching up later on.

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