Chill is a debuff that prevents Axies from entering Last Stand. 

This debuff is effective against targets with a high morale stat, which makes it an immensely effective debuff against Beast Axies. 
As of now (September 2021), only the Aqua card Water Sphere and Bird card Cool Breeze can apply this debuff.

Water Sphere
Cool Breeze

This debuff is ideal against targets with high Morale or have a high chance of entering Last Stand. 

For example, if you target the enemy Axie with a barrage of attacks and the last hit is just barely enough to take it out, there is a chance that it will enter Last Stand. Using Chill will make sure that never happens.

See all the possible card effects in our Guide to Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs.

How Do I Use It?

Chill is great for countering pesky Axies that are likely to enter Last Stand. Using it at the start or mid-combo is good for applying the buff. 

However, don’t place it at the end because the game might not register the debuff, causing the enemy to still enter Last Stand. The cards that inflict Chill are also good damage cards, so you probably won’t have much trouble fitting them in your team.

Insight and Recommendations

Water Sphere is one of the higher damage Aqua moves. Although it may not be considered by many high-ranking players as top-tier, I think it’s still a pretty decent move to have, especially in low to moderate MMR. 110 damage and 30 shields are pretty good values and the addition of Chill would be useful in certain situations.

Cool Breeze is also a good Bird card because it has good damage. If paired with the Bird’s targeting moves such as Dark Swoop and Smart Shot, it’s guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and shred disadvantaged Axies.

Unfortunately, Chill is known to be one of the weaker debuffs, especially because it is only good for preventing Last Stands. This may diminish the value of those cards in terms of consistency and utility. 

If you find that you’re facing teams that have high morale or have trouble taking enemy Axies out without them entering Last Stand, having an Axie with Chill may prove to be useful. If you can’t find Axies that have better moves than the two I mentioned, they’re still viable substitute cards to have in your arsenal.

Overall, Chill isn’t necessarily a top-tier debuff, but it certainly has its uses and times where it is needed. A team won’t center around Chill like with other strong debuffs such as Stun, Poison, and Sleep, but it could still provide some form of support.

Pro Tips:

  • Use Chill at the start or middle of your combo in order to apply Chill before taking the enemy axie out to ensure it works correctly
  • Since Chill is a debuff, you can use it in tandem with Allergic Reaction to get the damage bonus
  • There may be times where using Chill is unnecessary in preventing Last Stand if you’re damage is more than enough to overpower the enemy, or you have other cards like Star Shuriken and Hero’s Bane that can stop it

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