Card Spotlight: Water Sphere

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Aqua card, “Water Sphere.”

Water Sphere

As of October 2021, this card has 120 base damage, 30 shields, and costs 1 energy. It also inflicts Chill on the target for 2 rounds.

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How Is Water Sphere Used?

This card is used mainly to deal large amounts of damage and prevent your opponents from entering Last Stand. Using it against enemy Axies that have high Morale could potentially save you the trouble of wasting energy trying to take out Axies that are in Last Stand.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Water Sphere?

Most of the Axies that use this card are damage-dealer Aqua Axies. They are mainly built to dish out insane amounts of damage and burst targets, allowing their team to emerge victoriously.

It’s also a great counter against Axies like Beasts, Bugs, and Dusks.

Pros and Cons of the Water Sphere Card


  • deals high damage and gives decent shields
  • inflicts Chill on the target


  • Chill isn’t considered a necessity debuff
  • takes up a tail slot (Tail Slap, Upstream Swim)

Water Sphere Card Synergies

  • Swift Escape
  • a standard card to have on a backline Aqua, pairing it with Water Sphere creates a speedy Axie that could outspeed opponents, deal massive damage, and prevent enemies from entering Last Stand
  • Hero’s Bane, Star Shuriken, Crimson Water, Scale Dart
  • high-damage Aqua cards that can be used to take enemies down are great to have on a damage-dealer
  • Aquaponics, Aqua Vitality
  • having Water Sphere alongside these cards creates a high-damage Axie that also has great healing capabilities
  • Fish Hook
  • Attack+ is a good buff on Axies that can dish out high damage and it could help Aquas take down tanks easily

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