Axie Infinity Tail Body Parts List

Looking for a list of the tail body parts to complete your Axie build?

You’ve come to the right place! Here, you can find all the tail body parts of an Axie.

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Axie Infinity Body Parts List

What Are Axie Tail Body Parts?

Tail body parts give abilities to an Axie. Each part is unique, in both design and the ability they give.

Some abilities can be defensive, while others are full-on offensive. It all varies on the Axie class and its purpose in combat.

Axie Tail Body Parts List

Here is the complete list of all the Axie tail parts. Currently, there are 36 tail parts, with 6 per Axie class.

ImageBody PartCard NamePart TypeClassAttack TypeEnergy CostDamageShieldCard Ability
KoiUpstream SwimTailAquaticMelee111030Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when comboed with another Aquatic class card.
NavagaFlanking SmackTailAquaticMelee010040Deal 120% damage if this Axie attacks first.
NimoTail SlapTailAquaticMelee0200Gain 1 energy when comboed with another card.
RanchuWater SphereTailAquaticMelee112030Apply Chill to target for 2 rounds
ShrimpChitin JumpTailAquaticRanged13030Prioiritzes furthest target.
TadpoleBlack BubbleTailAquaticRanged111040Apply Jinx to target for 2 rounds.
CottontailLuna AbsorbTailBeast0030Gain 1 energy.
GerbilGerbil JumpTailBeastRanged14020Skip the closest target if there are 2 or more enemies remaining.
HareHare DaggerTailBeastRanged112030Draw a card if this Axie attacks at the beginning of the round.
Nut CrackerNut ThrowTailBeastMelee110530Deal 120% damage when comboed with another “Nut Cracker” card.
RiceNight StealTailBeastRanged18010Steal 1 energy from your opponent when comboed with another card.
ShibaRampant HowlTailBeastMelee112030Apply Morale+ to your team for 2 rounds if this Axie attacks while in Last Stand.
CloudPuffy SmackTailBirdMelee110050Skip targets that are in Last Stand.
Feather FanSunder ArmorTailBirdRanged14090Add 20% shield to this Axie for each debuff it possesses.
Granma’s FanCool BreezeTailBirdRanged112030Apply Chill to target for 2 rounds
Post FightAll-out ShotTailBirdRanged01200Inflict 30% of this Axie’s max HP to itself.
SwallowEarly BirdTailBirdRanged111020Deal 120% damage if this Axie attacks first.
The Last OneRisky FeatherTailBirdRanged11500Apply 2 Attack- to this Axie.
AntChemical WarfareTailBugMelee13080Apply Stench for 1 round.
Fish SnackAnesthetic BaitTailBugMelee16080Apply stun when struck by Aquatic or Bird class cards. Can only trigger once per round.
Gravel AntNumbling LecretionTailBugRanged13040Disable target’s melee cards next round.
PupaeGrub ExplodeTailBugMelee0600Deal 200% damage when attacking in Last Stand. Axie’s Last Stand ends after it attacks.
Thorny CaterpillarAllergic ReactionTailBugMelee110530Deal 130% damage to debuffed targets.
Twin TailTwin NeedleTailBugRanged0300Attack twice when comboed with another card.
CarrotCarrot HammerTailPlantMelee17040Gain 1 energy if this Axie’s shield breaks. Can only trigger once per round.
CattailCattail SlapTailPlantMelee02030Draw a card if struck by a Beast, Bug, or Mech card.
HatsuneLeek LeakTailPlantMelee16080When hit, disable attacker’s ranged cards next round.
Hot ButtSpicy SurpriseTailPlantMelee19050Disable target’s mouth cards next round.
Potato LeafAqua DeflectTailPlantMelee17080Cannot be targeted by Aquatic cards if this Axie has teammates remaining.
YamGas UnleashTailPlantRanged13020Apply poison each time this card is used to attack or defend.
GilaNeuro ToxinTailReptileRanged110055Apply Attack- to poisoned targets.
Grass SnakeVenom SprayTailReptileRanged01020Apply Poison to target.
IguanaScale DartTailReptileRanged19060Generate 1 energy when attacking a buffed target.
Snake JarJar BarrageTailReptileRanged18020Attacks that break this Axie’s shield cannot deal additional damage. Can only trigger once per round.
Tiny DinoTiny SwingTailReptileMelee18040Deal 150% damage after round 4.
Wall GeckoCritical EscapeTailReptileMelee19010Reduce damage taken by 15% this round.

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