Axie Infinity: How To Counter Terminators

Aquas and Birds are typically encountered by players in Axie Infinity’s arena mode. Most times they’re scary, sometimes they’re not.

But once you move past facing common Axies in the arena, you’ll face a greater and more sinister enemy…the Terminator.

If you’re having a hard time with these predators, then this guide is for you. I’ll be talking about Terminator Axies and how to effectively counter them.

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What Are Terminators?

Terminators are meta Axies found around 1600+ MMR (Matchmaking Rating). It is best known for being the dominant Axie in 1v1 duels.

Terminators are usually Reptile-class Axies because they counter the abundant Aquas and Birds.

An Axie cannot be considered as a Terminator if it doesn’t have these 4 body parts:

  • Lagging – Mystic Rush (horn)
  • Snail Shell – Sticky Goo (back)
  • Tiny Turtle – Chomp (mouth)
  • Thorny Caterpillar – Allergic Reaction (tail)

What Makes Terminators Strong?

Stun Abilities

Sticky Goo and Chomp can Stun you in very annoying ways.

They both completely nullify the damage of the card that you play while you’re stunned. It can also let enemy attacks ignore shields (e.g. hitting a stunned Axie will damage the hp, not the shield).

An Aquatic Axie missing its attack due to a Stun debuff

You can read more about the Stun debuff here: Axie Infinity Stun Debuff

Sticky Goo is a defensive Bug ability that applies Stun on the attacker that breaks the Axie’s shield. It’s also the Terminator’s primary defensive ability.

Sticky Goo

Terminators are able to last longer in duels because of this card. Stuns can purposely make an Axie miss its attack, making it harder to execute full combos against a Terminator.

Chomp is an offensive Reptile ability that applies Stun to the enemy if it’s comboed with 2 other cards.


Terminators can use this card to leave you stunned for the next round. If they use Sticky Goo, A stunned Axie’s full combo will barely graze a Terminator.

Sometimes, they effectively use Chomp by placing it before Allergic Reaction. Because stuns can let attacks ignore shields, Allergic Reaction is guaranteed to directly hit your HP.

Mystic Rush
Mystic Rush
Allergic Reaction

Mystic Rush plus Allergic Reaction embody the word “synergy.” Mystic Rush applies the debuff Speed-, then Allergic Reaction uses that debuff to deal 130% damage.

Mystic Rush is an ideal zero energy cost card for a Terminator. It slows down opponents, giving the Terminator a chance to attack first the following round.

Allergic Reaction is the primary offensive card of a Terminator. It can deal 120-163 damage against a debuffed Axie, depending on that Axie’s class.

Reptile Class

Meta Axie teams typically have Aquas or Birds as backline damage-dealers. Because of class advantages, Terminator Reptiles take less damage from these Axies.

Duels between Aquas and Birds end quickly because one full combo can kill the other. Against Terminator Reptiles, it can take up one to three whole combos, depending on the opposing Axie class.

How to Counter Terminators

Gravel Ant

Gravel Ant is a Bug body part that can completely counter Terminators. It disables the target’s melee cards for the next round.

Numbing Lecretion

Because all Terminator cards are melee, Numbing Lecretion can disable them repeatedly. This leaves the Terminator defenseless with no cards to play.

Shrimp (Chitin Jump)

Chitin Jump is an Aquatic backdoor ability. This allows the user to unleash a combo on the backline Axie.

Terminators are commonly placed in the back because they’re reserved for duels. Chitin Jump combos can kill Terminators even before a duel occurs.

Reptiles are ideal classes for Terminator builds, so Aquatic abilities don’t have any additional damage against them. Some Shrimp Aquas have Beast body parts to guarantee a kill with 1 combo. 

Doubletalk (Soothing Song)

Soothing Song is a Bird ability that applies Sleep to a target. Sleep ignores enemy shields, allowing the next card to deal damage to the HP and not the shield.

Soothing Song can be paired with any kind of card (Reptile, Aqua, etc.). But since we’re talking about Terminator Reptiles, a Beast is ideal because it holds the class advantage.

This ability counters Terminators because it can be used to avoid shield stuns like Sticky Goo. You’re free to directly attack a Terminator’s HP without getting stunned nor negated by its shield.

Indian Star (Bulkwark)

Bulwark reflects 40% of melee damages back at the attacker. Aside from its tremendous shield, it can reflect damage from every melee attack the user receives.

As I’ve said, all of a Terminator’s abilities are melee. Pair that against Bulkwark and it’s gonna be taking a whole lot of damage from its own abilities.

Using Filler Cards/ Zero Energy Cost Cards

Sometimes, you don’t really need to go looking for specific Axies just to counter a Terminator. Sift through your Axies and see if you might’ve missed a zero energy card in there because sometimes, that’s all you need.

Zero energy cards can be used as what we call “filler cards.”

Filler cards are cards that are used to remove a stun. While any kind of card can be used to remove stun, zero energy cards are ideal fillers.

Although your overall combo damage is decreased, using zero energy cards as fillers saves you some energy. All that’s left is ordering your cards correctly so that you remove the stun from a Terminator’s Sticky Goo or Chomp.

Cuckoo is a famous zero-cost card that applies Attack+

You can read more about 0 energy-cost cards here: Are Zero-Cost Cards Good?

Other Terminators

“If you can’t beat them, join them”

A Terminator shredding another Terminator

Duels between Terminators are pretty disgusting. It’ll be a cycle of debuffs, Allergic Reactions, and Chomps. 

Having a Terminator isn’t a complete counter, but at least it levels the playing field. However these scenarios still need a lot of strategic thinking, so get in the head of your enemy, then dominate them.


You can’t be the top dog forever. At some point, people will find ways to overthrow those in power.

Terminators are the best at what they do now, but they aren’t invincible. While Reptiles may be a frightening foe, learning from the strategies and tactics I’ve discussed will show the chinks in the Terminator’s armor.

A lot of things can happen during matches and not every battle will be the same. What makes a great Axie Infinity player is their ability to adapt, predict, and strategize for any possible outcome.

I hope this article helped you in understanding how to counter Terminator Axies! I personally have a hard time against them, so I ended up adapting by getting a semi-Terminator.

What do YOU think about the topic? Did I miss any Terminator counters? Let me know in the comments down below!

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