What Are Origin, MEO Corp, And Agamogenesis Axies?

Axie Infinity wouldn’t be what it is now without Axies, the cute little residents of Lunacia. 

There are a LOT of Axies and all of them differ in strength, uniqueness, purity, and other traits. 

But they all have to come from somewhere, right? Because no species was born from nothing.

In this article, you’ll know more about the three rare types of Axies that currently exist: Origin, Meo Corp, and Agamogenesis Axies.

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What Are Origin Axies?

Origin Axies are the “Adam and Eve” of Axie Infinity. These are the first Axies to ever exist in the game.

Origin Axies have a special tag to show their rarity. Axies with this tag are typically very expensive. 

An Origin Axie in the Marketplace

In the game, Origin Axies pose differently from normal Axies during the victory screen. I can’t dig up a recording or an image of a winning Origin Axie pose to describe it, nor have I seen it in person (that’s how rare Origin Axies are).

There are only 4,088 Origin Axies in existence. Some are potentially unclaimed since a few Axie Origin Coins (AOC) haven’t been used yet. Origin Axies can’t pass down their tags, making them the only Axies that aren’t born through breeding and without parents.

You can check out the rarer versions of Origin Axies here:

Axie Infinity: What Are Mystic Axies?

They were also awarding AOC tokens to players which can be exchanged for 1 Origin Axie.

Origin Axies have a floor price of 3.14 ETH ($12,000 + as of Sept. 1, 2021), making their rarity proportional to their price.

The first row of the cheapest Origin Axies in the Marketplace

You can even find an old article (2018) from Axie Infinity announcing a tournament with an Origin Axie as one of the prizes:


What Are MEO Corporation Axies?

If you often check your Claim Tokens tab in Ronin, you might notice a claimable token called AEC. This stands for “Axie Egg Coin,” also called an MEO token, which can be exchanged for an MEO Corp Axie (5 tokens for 1 MEO Axie).

MEO Corp Axies are rare Axies that are bred from MEO Tokens. If you go to the Axie Lab, you will find a section where you can exchange 5 Meo tokens for 1 Meo corp Axie.

in Axie Lab

Because they aren’t bred from other Axies, Meo Axies are somewhat similar to Origin Axies. They carry a special tag and can be sold for a hefty amount of cash.

This is the cheapest MEO Axie as of Sept. 1, 2021, auctioned at a floor price of 1 ETH ($3,497).

A Meo Corp Axie

MEO Axies do not have any distinct in-game cosmetics or animations. They can be considered trophies for earning MEO tokens.

MEO Tokens

These are the exchangeable tokens that can be traded in for MEO Axies. They were originally awarded to early Axie Infinity content creators and tournament winners.

MEO Token Overview » AxieEdge
Meo Token

There is still no news about whether SkyMavis plans to hold more tournaments that reward players with MEO tokens, but you never know, right? SkyMavis could mint MEO tokens for future use if they decide to do so.

What Is The Axie Lab?

The Axie Lab is a site where non-bred Axies were adopted. You can say that this is where Origin Axies and MEO Axies were bred from since they have no parents.

The Axie Lab

With the existence of the marketplace, Axies became viable for breeding. Because normal breeding is now done at scale, the Axie Lab no longer produces Axies.

What Are Agamogenesis Axies

I’d say that these are the rarest Axies thus far. Agamogenesis Axies are 3 exclusive Axies that were auctioned before the opening of the Axie lab. 

Axie Infinity player Coco_Bear was the first person to own an Agamogenesis Axie; he actually won the bid for all 3 Axies.

Agamogenesis Axies have Bionic Parts that were built by the MEO Corporation. These distinct body parts have rare animations that differentiate them from their original counterpart (e.g. Shoal Star – 5H04L-5T4R).

A special bar code is visible on the side of Agamogenesis Axies. Their body color also cannot be found on any other Axie.


Axie ID: 4155

“Hauteclere” is an Aqua class, Agamogenesis Axie. It features the Bionic part “5H04L-5T4R” which is the one-and-only counterpart of the aqua body part Shoal Star.


5H04L-5T4R’s metallic look signifies it as the Bionic part of the Axie, with a sky-blue shade and noticeable wires. When you check Hauteclere in the market, you may notice that the 5H04L-5T4R has a small blinking green light. This is its distinct animation as a Bionic part.

Hauteclere also showcases Japanese body parts such as the Omatsuri (tail, original body part: Granma’s Fan) and the Karimata (horn, original body part: Risky Bird).  It also boasts a rare salmon-like hue with a hint of red as its body color.

It’s also combat-ready because it has four high damage abilities for an Aquatic Axie. Ideally a backline Axie paired with an energy-gaining one, it’s locked and loaded.

You can find Hauteclere on the Axie Marketplace:


You can check out more on Japanese Axie body parts here:

Axie Infinity: What Are Japanese Axie Body Parts?


Axie ID: 4154

“Durendal” is a Reptile class, Agamogenesis Axie. It has the Bionic part “1ND14N-5T4R”, the Bionic counterpart of the Indian Star body part. 


Similar to the 5H04L-5T4R, Durendal’s 1ND14N-5T4R has a small blinking green light animation. Alongside a nucleus-like core with a hexagonal cage that resembles inner shell casings.

Durendal possesses the Umaibo (horn) body part, the Japanese counterpart for the Pocky body part. Its lime body-color separates it from the rest of the Axie population.

In terms of combat, Durendal can be a backline Reptile or a frontline tank. It has reflect-damage, conditional regeneration, and poison abilities. Durendal can be used to 1v1 Aqua Axies or take damage early on in matches as a tank.

You can find Durendal on the Axie Marketplace:



Axie ID: 4156

“Almace” is a Beast class Agamogenesis Axie. It has the Bionic part “P4R4S1T3”, the Bionic counterpart of the Parasite body part.
Hands down, the P4R4S1T3 Bionic body part is by far the coolest cosmetic I’ve seen. Normal Parasite body parts are just eyes that stare endlessly into nothing.


The P4R4S1T3 body part has a unique animation where the eye blinks and looks in multiple directions. The pupil of the eye is green, differentiating it from its regular counterpart which is black.

Almace has Hamaya (back) and Kawaii (mouth), the Japanese counterparts for Risky Beast and Cute Bunny. It also sports a cerulean hue as its body color.

The body parts of Almace can be described as “half-blood”. Its body parts are equally split between a Beast and a Bug (3 Beast parts to 3 Bug parts).

With both classes on the same class advantage, Almace works best as a typical Beast midline. It can discard and disable enemy cards, as well as high Plant/Reptile shredding abilities.

You can find Almace on the Axie Marketplace:

https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/axie/4156 (trust me, you’re gonna want to see this Axie).

Few Remarks

This article was fun to write. You get to appreciate all sorts of rare Axies and think “what if I invested in Axie Infinity earlier?”  Maybe I could’ve gotten one of them!

Also, please look into the Axie, Almace. I literally took 5 minutes of my time just staring at that parasitic eye. It just looks so good!

What do YOU guys think about the topic? Did I miss any details? Comment and let me know down below!

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