Axie Infinity: What Are Japanese Axie Body Parts?

Lunacia is the game’s virtual landscape for Axies. In a haven for millions of adorable creatures, there would at least be some extremely rare Axies out there, right?

Behind Axie Infinity’s “play-to-earn” platform, rare Axie variants are prized NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectibles.

High-end collectors gather and trade rare Axies because of their fluctuating value in the market. 

In this guide, I’ll be discussing “Japanese Axie body parts.

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What Are Japanese Body Parts?

Japanese body parts are exclusive cosmetics for Axie body parts. They are based on Japanese culture and tradition, changing the overall appearance of a part.

The Omatsuri is a known Japanese counterpart of Granma’s Fan.

Granma’s Fan

You can easily spot the difference between the two. The Omatsuri is a red fan that has a Japanese character written in red, while Granma’s Fan is plain white with a spot of pink.

You can check out other rare Axies and Axie body parts here:

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How Are Japanese Body Parts Made?

Back in May 9, 2018, Jihoz publicly announced that players can now breed Japanese Axies. These are Axies bred only by players in Japan (shocking, right?). 

Most people bypassed this restriction by changing their browser’s default language to Japanese (which is completely legal).

Unfortunately, players can no longer breed Axies that have Japanese body parts. 

Around late 2020 to early 2021, players noticed that Japanese Axies aren’t viable for breeding anymore. Because of their supply cap, Japanese Axies are considered rare NFT collectibles.

Are Japanese Body Parts Expensive?

Yes, having a Japanese body part on an Axie increases its value. The more parts it has, the more expensive it gets.

Although one body part can affect the price, players still value fighting capability so the price can vary depending on the PvP potential of the whole Axie despite having the cosmetic.

An Axie with more than one Japanese body part is exceptional. Its floor price can reach up to $10,000.

Row of Origami Axies in Marketplace

Certain Japanese body parts are pricier than the others. An example is the floor price of Origami and Karimata body parts. For Origami parts, the price range is $1,000-$1,500, and some of them aren’t even good for combat.

For Karimata parts, the price range is $3,000-$10,000 for the first row of sales.

I guess you can say that some Japanese parts attract more investors than the rest. I’m not entirely sure why they differ in prices, but that’s my best guess.

Japanese Axie Body Parts List

Listed are all of the Japanese Axie body parts:

Dango (mouth)
Dokuganryu (eye)
Geisha (mouth)
Hamaya (back)
Kabuki (eye)
Karimata (ear)
Kawaii (mouth)
Kendama (horn)
Koinobori (tail)
Maiko (ear)
Maki (tail)
Mon (ear)
Omatsuri (tail)
Origami (back)
Yakitori (back)
Yen (eye)
Yorishiro (horn)

What do YOU think about Japanese Axie body parts? Did I miss any of them? Comment it down below!

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