Axie Infinity: What Are Mystic Axies?

On my first day as an Axie Infinity scholar, I browsed the marketplace to orient myself to my new environment.

“Oh, I could buy a new shoe for the price of this Axie.”

With floor Axies everywhere, I concluded that all Axies are cheap. Until I turned up the Mystic filter to 1.

My heart sank upon seeing the prices…

In this guide, I’ll be talking about Mystic Axies. You’ll know why these daunting specimens are at the top of their game.

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What Are Mystic Axies?

Mystic Axies are special Axies with very rare body parts (Mystic parts). Below, you can see a Carrot beside its Mystic version, Namek Carrot.

Namek Carrot Body Part
Namek Carrot

Where Do They Come From?

Before we dwell on Mystic parts, I’ll briefly discuss where they came from.

Origin Axies are the first set of Axies to exist in the metaverse. They’re adopted directly from the Axie Lab (they don’t have parents). You can read more about Origin Axies here (link the here to the what are origin axies).

Mystic parts come from rolling/adopting an Origin Axie. There is a slim chance that an Origin Axie is adopted with a Mystic part and an even slimmer chance of getting one with two or more Mystic parts. 

Fun Fact: As of September 2021, there is only one Axie with 4 Mystic parts for sale. It roughly costs a whopping $20M. You can find the Mystic Axie here.

You can also read more about Origin Axies here:

What Are Origin, MEO Corp, And Agamogenesis Axies?


Like any cosmetic, Mystic parts only exist to beautify Axies. They don’t have any special animation or effects in-game, except for the victory pose (also just cosmetic) because Mystic Axies are also Origin Axies. 

Still, they live up to their purpose of attracting investors. Just look at the stark difference between the Hasagi and a Ronin.


The Hasagi is simply stunning, featuring a bigger fluff of hair with a dash of white on the side. We can all agree that Mystic parts are just way cooler looking, right?

How Rare Are Mystic Axies?

There are only 4,088 Origin Axies, and the population of Mystic Axies is even lower. SkyMavis estimated that only 30% of Origin Axies have Mystic parts, which implies a total population of just over 1,200.
Origin and Mystic Axies also cannot be reproduced, which means that Mystic Axies will stay rare forever

Odds of Getting a Mystic Part:                                                                                             

  • 1 Mystic part – 25.04%
  • 2 Mystic parts – 3.68%
  • 3 Mystic parts – 0.28%
  • 4 Mystic parts – 0.0127%
  • 5 Mystic parts – 0.00029% (never achieved)
  • 6 Mystic parts – 1 in 34,012,224 (never achieved)

The Population of Mystic Axies

  • Single Mystic part – 1141 Axies
  • Double Mystic parts – 213 Axies
  • Triple Mystic parts – 19 Axies
  • Quad Mystic parts – 3 Axies
  • Penta Mystic parts – 0 Axies
  • Hexa Mystic parts – 0 Axies

Pretty bizarre right? You could understand why these NFT collectibles are somehow so expensive. They’re EXTREMELY rare and irreplaceable.

Evolution of Mystic Parts

If you’ve checked out Axies in the marketplace, you’ve probably noticed that body parts have levels beneath the name.

Players speculate that a future update may allow Axies to evolve up to level 3. This could be a potential mechanism for burning SLP and at the same time, upping the competitive nature of arena matches.

Rumor has it that Mystic Axies may evolve to level 4. It’s reasonable for rare Axies to have an edge over ordinary ones, making the sheer cost of Mystic Axies worthwhile for competitive collectors/players.

How Much Are Mystic Axies?

Mystic Axies are roughly worth 30 ETH ($110,000+) as of September 2021. Prices are proportional to their rarity, so if you were to buy an Axie with double Mystic parts, it would cost you 110 ETH ($380,000+).


Axie Infinity has its fair share of rare NFT collectibles. It reminds me that there are a lot of ways to participate in the community’s upbringing.

You can be a player, a breeder, a trader, or a collector. With a lot of things you can do, it continuously attracts people of different interests to the game.

Mystic Axies exist to lure NFT collectors. For an extremely expensive cost, you can contribute to the community by pioneering NFT collections and trading them. 

What do YOU think about the topic? Did I miss anything about Mystic Axies? Comment it down below! I love having insightful conversations about Axie Infinity.

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