Axie Infinity Horn Body Parts List

Looking for a list of the horn body parts to complete your Axie build?

You’ve come to the right place!. Here, you can find all the horn body parts of an Axie.

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Axie Infinity Body Parts List

What Are Axie Horn Body Parts?

Horn parts are one of the six current Axie body parts. You can find them at the top of an Axie’s head.

Horn Body Part of an Axie

Horn body parts give abilities to an Axie. Each part is unique in both design and the ability they give.

Some abilities can be defensive, while others are full-on offensive. It all varies on the Axie class and its purpose in combat.

Axie Horn Body Parts List

Here is the complete list of all the Axie horn parts. Currently, there are 36 horn parts, with 6 per Axie class.

ImageBody PartCard NamePart TypeClassAttack TypeEnergy CostDamageShieldCard Ability
Anemone (Horn)AnemoneAquaponicsHornAquaticRanged18035Successful attacks restore 50 HP for each Anemone part this Axie possesses.
BabyloniaBabyloniaShell JabHornAquaticMelee110050Deal 130% damage when attacking an idle target.
ClamshellClamshellClam SlashHornAquaticMelee111040Apply Attack+ to this Axie when attacking Beast, Bug, or Mech targets.
OrandaOrandaHero’s BaneHornAquaticRanged112030End target’s Last Stand.
Shoal StarShoal StarStar ShurikenHornAquaticRanged111010Target cannot enter Last Stand if this card brings its HP to zero.
Teal ShellTeal ShellDeep Sea GoreHornAquaticMelee15080Add 30% to this Axie’s shield when attacking.
ArcoAcrobaticHornBeastMelee110050Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when attacking.
Dual BladeSinister StrikeHornBeastMelee113020Deal 250% damage on critical strikes.
ImpIvory StabHornBeastMelee17020Gain 1 energy per critical strike dealt by your team this round.
Little BranchBranch ChargeHornBeastMelee112525Increase crit chance by 20% if chained or comboed with a Plant card.
MerryMerry LegionHornBeastMelee16585Add 20% shield to this Axie when played in a chain.
PockySugar RushHornBeastMelee112520Deal 10% additional damage for each allied Bug Axie.
CuckooCockadoodledooHornBird0040Apply Attack+ to this Axie.
EggshellEggbombHornBirdRanged11200Apply Aroma on this Axie until next round.
KestrelHeadshotHornBirdRanged11300Disable target’s horn cards next round.
Feather SpearFeather LungeHornBirdMelee111050Deal 120% damage when chained with another “Lunge” card.
TrumpAir Force OneHornBirdMelee112030Deal 120% damage when chained with another “Trump” card.
Wing HornSmart ShotHornBirdRanged15010Skip the closest target if there are 2 or more enemies remaining.
AntennaBug SignalHornBugRanged18060Steal energy from your opponent when chained with another “Bug Signal” Card.
CaterpillarsGrub SurpriseHornBugRanged110050Apply Fear to shielded targets.
LaggingMystic RushHornBugMelee0400Apply Speed- to target for 2 rounds.
Leaf BugDisguiseHornBugMelee02020Gain 1 energy when comboed with a Plant card.
ParasiteThird GlanceHornBugRanged18050Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy’s hand.
PliersDull GripHornBugMelee111030Deal 30% more damage to shielded targets.
Bamboo ShootBamboo ClanHornPlantMelee18070Increased 20% damage when chained with another Plant card.
BeechWooden StabHornPlantMelee110540Deal 120% damage if this Axie’s shield breaks.
CactusPrickly TrapHornPlantMelee111020Deal 120% damage if this Axie attacks last.
Rose BudHealing AromaHornPlant1040Heal this Axie for 120 HP.
Strawberry ShortcakeSweet PartyHornPlant200Heal front teammate for 270 HP. If there are no front teammates, heal this Axie instead.
WatermelonSeed BulletHornPlantRanged13050Target fastest enemy.
BumpyOvergrow KeratinHornReptileMelee19030Recover 20 shield per turn.
CerastesSurprise InvasionHornReptileMelee19060Deal 130% damage if target is faster than this Axie.
IncisorDisarmHornReptileMelee110040Apply Speed- to target for 2 rounds.
Scaly SpearScaly LungeHornReptileMelee110050Deal 120% damage when chained with another “Lunge” card.
Scaly SpoonTiny CatapultHornReptileRanged18040Reflect 50% of ranged damage back at attacker.
UnkoPoo FlingHornReptileRanged13080Apply Stench to target until end of round.

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