Axie Infinity’s Worst Axie Card: Strawberry Shortcake

No Axie cards are perfect. Instead, each one differs from another, making them a diverse set, similar to Axies themselves.

But of all the Axie body parts, there is one card that no player wishes to touch. So in this short article, I’ll talk about Axie Infinity’s worst Axie ability, the Strawberry Shortcake.

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What Is The Strawberry Shortcake?

Strawberry Shortcake is a Plant body part with a card named Sweet Party. It’s infamous for having no damage and shield as well as two energy costs.

Sweet Party will heal the front teammate for 270 HP, more than 50% of an average Axie’s health. That means using Sweet Party twice can restore the total HP of any Axie.

However, if there are no front teammates, it will heal the Axie that plays Sweet Card.

Why Is Sweet Party Less Preferred ?

Expensive Energy Cost

It has a ridiculous energy cost for a healing ability. Other healing cards heal at least 60-120 HP, equivalent to one high damage card.

Healing Aroma is an example of a better healing card than Sweet Party. It heals the Axie with 120 HP and even provides extra 40 shield points.

Backline Plants are popular metas in high MMR. They stack them with healing abilities to outlast the enemy duelist in battle.

Why don’t they use Sweet Party? It restores 270 HP, correct?

I’ll remind you that it has two energy costs, so you’ll run out of energy in no time. Using one full combo will cost you five energy points, and it’s unlikely you’ll have that much in the endgame.

No Damage and Shield

Sweet Party also has no shield or damage. So it’s a dead card for Axies that can’t get enough energy to play defensive cards.

Axie Infinity players are cunning. The moment you play Sweet Party as a slower Axie, they’ll take that opportunity to knock you out. Sweet Party can’t help an Axie in burst attacks because it has no shields.

The Axie has to Survive the Round

Healing cards don’t activate in the middle of an enemy attack. Instead, it only heals the Axie when it’s the Axie’s turn to play cards.

That means, if the Axie is slower than most of the opponents, it needs to survive a barrage of attacks to heal itself.

This is a massive disadvantage to Sweet Party because, again, it has no shield points. The Axie has to rely on other cards to shield itself, which is energy inefficient.

Potential of Two Energy Cost Cards

Strawberry Shortcake is the only Axie card with two energy costs. However, considering the energy consumption, it’s somehow proportional to the HP regenerated.

If SkyMavis ever adds two energy cost cards, It’ll be interesting if it works on other aspects like damage or shield. Imagine a card that can raise at least 200 shield points for two energy, rather scary right?

Just kidding, that’s too overpowered. 

The point being, there is so much potential for two cost cards. It’s just common speculation that more of these cards will eventually arrive in the game. If they do, it could substantially change the battle dynamics.

In the end, we’ll never know what updates may happen, so we’ll just sit back and watch.


In the end, Axie cards aren’t always super good or super bad. Even Sweet Party can be good in particular situations.

What makes Sweet Party bad is its flawed mechanics. If it had cheaper energy costs or better shields, at least, players might consider it usable.

For now, no one wants to play an Axie with Strawberry Shortcake because it isn’t known for metas. But, sadly, it is and has always been at the bottom of the pyramid.

To read more about common meta Axies, check out this article:

Axie Infinity: What Are Common Meta Axies?

What do YOU think about Sweet Party? Did I miss anything about this Axie card? Comment it down below!

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