Health is Wealth: A Guide to the Health Stat

If you’ve already played role-playing games, you may be familiar with the concept of a stat that determines how much damage your character can take before dying. 

Increasing this stat allows you to survive even the harshest of punishments, as well as keep other members of the team healthy by soaking up damage.

Axie Infinity follows the same concept in the form of the stat “Health.”

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What is Health?

Health is one of the most common and important stats in video games. It dictates how many health points (HP) a character has, which translates to the total damage it can take before getting taken out.

In Axie Infinity, all Axies have a Health stat, albeit varying in value. The number of points that are in an Axie’s Health stat is determined by its class and the parts that make it up, which I will elaborate upon later

What Does Health Do?

Health is important because it enables you to stall your opponent’s attacks while waiting for energy and card draws. 

Axies that have a high Health stat are naturally tanky and can withstand the onslaught of attacks. They are often used as frontliners to keep the Axies behind them safe and sound during battles.

There are also card conditions that are dependent on the number of health points the user has. Cards from the Aqua, Beast, and Bird class all have moves whose effects are based on Health.

Angry Lam and Crimson Water from the Aqua Class are examples of cards that activate their effect based on the user’s health points. The former gets a damage boost, while the latter targets a specific enemy if the user is below 50% HP.

Angry Lam
Crimson Water

The Beast class has Death Mark, which applies the Lethal debuff on the target if the user’s HP is lower than 30%.

Death Mark

Birds have Patient Hunter and Insectivore. They are both used to target specific Axies if the user’s HP is less than half.

Patient Hunter

What Influences the Health Stat?

Here are the factors that can affect how much health an Axie has.

Base Stats

The only factors that currently influence the Health stat are the class and body parts of an Axie. Plant, Reptile, and Dusk are in the lead in terms of Health and are the ideal tanks in a team.

ClassBase HealthStats Provided by Body Parts per Class
Aqua39+3 Speed, +1 Health
Beast31+3 Morale, +1 Speed
Bird27+3 Speed, +1 Morale
Bug35+3 Morale, +1 Health
Plant43+3 Health, +1 Morale
Reptile39+3 Health, +1 Speed
Dawn35No class body part
Dusk43No class body part
Mech31No class body part

Based on the table above, Plant and Dusk are the classes with the highest base Health at 43, closely followed by Reptile and Aqua at 39. However, the reason why Aquas aren’t commonly used as tanks is because of the stats provided by their respective classes.

Plant and Reptile parts both provide three additional points in health, but +1 in Morale and Speed respectively. Aqua parts are more focused on Speed.

Although one can make the argument that an Aqua with Plant/Reptile parts could keep up when it comes to HP, the issue lies in cost, consistency, and effectiveness.

Buying an Axie like that would be costly since it would be extremely rare. It would also be ineffective and inconsistent in most teams because its cards will not benefit from class bonuses, since they both belong to non-Aqua classes.

Card Effects

I’ve previously mentioned how there are cards whose effects depend on the number of health points the user has. There are also cards that affect the Health stat indirectly by healing the user or its allies.

Aquas and Plants have cards that heal the user back up to full health. Aqua Vitality and Aquaponics, as well as Shroom’s Grace, Healing Aroma, Sweet Party, and Forest Spirit are healing cards from those classes, respectively.


Health is an important stat for Axies because of its influence over the amount of damage an Axie can receive before being taken out. It’s especially important for Axies whose sole purpose is to make sure the others live and win the match.

There are also teams that are composed of large amounts of Health and healing, which aim to stall the game long enough to kill the enemies either by Poison or the Bloodmoon. 

In the end, Health is a basic stat that has a massive effect on whether you can find success in the arena.

Pro Tips:

  • Pure Plants or Reptiles generally make great tanks because of their high Health stats, look for one with great defensive options such as numerous shields or heals
  • You can use an Axie with tons of health and healing as a beefy frontliner or an unkillable backliner in 1v1s, it depends on the kind of enemies you face at your current MMR
  • Axies that have high Health stats are usually slow and last to play their moves, use this disadvantage to play healing cards after a combo

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