Axie Infinity Season 18 Beast Card Tier List

If you’ve ever wanted to buy a Beast Axie but aren’t sure what cards to get, this tier list is for you.

I’ll be covering every Beast move, as well as how strong they are when compared to other moves. I’ll also provide a bit of insight as to why they are strong or weak.

Take note that this tier list was made with certain parameters in mind. These cards were categorized based on their strength in low to moderate MMR (1000-2000+), pure Axies, and meta teams.

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Cards in this tier are must-haves on a Beast, especially for damage dealers.

  • Nut Throw/Nut Crack are cards that have pretty good base damages, but deals more if comboed with each other
    • These are typical cards on a standard RImp (Ronin-Imp) Beast
    • Both are high-damage moves for their respective body parts (tail and mouth)
  • Sinister Strike is a high-damage card that deals an insane amount of damage if it critically strikes
    • A good horn to replace Ivory Stab on RImp Beasts for more damage
    • Can almost one-shot tanks if it crits; deals high damage even if it doesn’t
  • Single Combat critically strikes and deals massive damage when combos with 2 or more cards
    • A meta beast card that is paired with Ivory Stab for energy gain
    • Useful in cracking frontlines open


Cards in this tier aren’t exactly the best, but they’re good substitutes.

  • Night Steal steals a point of energy from your opponent when used in a combo (similar to Vegetal Bite)
    • Great for utility and delaying your opponent’s combos
    • Has lower damage than other tails
    • Slightly inconsistent
  • Piercing Sound destroys a point of your opponent’s energy
    • Great for utility and delaying your opponent’s combos
    • Useful in pressuring your opponent to use their energy
    • Deals pretty low damage
  • Hare Dagger deals high damage and lets your draw a card if first to attack
    • A good substitute to Nut Throw because of its high base damage
    • The effect won’t be used often because Beasts aren’t that fast
  • Ivory Stab generates 1 energy if any Axie on your team lands a critical hit
    • Meta Beast card; part of the Ronin-Imp combo
    • Deals low damage
    • Used mostly for utility
  • Heroic Reward is a zero-cost card that deals pretty good damage and draws a card against Aqua, Bird, or Dawn Axies
    • Deals good damage relative to its cost
    • Is only useful against classes that counter beasts
    • Takes up a back part (Single Combat)


Cards in this tier aren’t necessarily bad, but they’re highly dependent on certain builds/teams.

  • Luna Absorb is a zero-cost card that generates one energy
    • Useful in gaining energy and a filler card
    • Takes up a tail slot (decreases damage output)
  • Nitro Leap deals decent damage and lets the user strike first if it’s in Last Stand
    • Effect can rarely be used
    • Single Combat and Revenge Arrow is better
  • Revenge Arrow has high base damage and deals more if the user is in Last Stand
    • Effect can rarely be used
    • Single Combat is better in terms of damage
  • Acrobatic deals moderate damage, provides high shields, and applies Speed+ to the user when it attacks
    • Useful in outmaneuvering faster Axies
    • Gives good shields
    • Damage is lacking (Sinister Strike is better)


Cards in this tier are only good for specific situations or builds.

  • Branch Charge increases crit chance by 20% when used in tandem with a Plant card
    • Damage is pretty good
    • Effect can only be used with another Plant card
    • It’s still not consistent enough
  • Sugar Rush deals additional damage for each Bug Axie on your team
    • Deals high damage
    • Especially useful in a team with Bugs (which is rare)
  • Gerbil Jump skips the closest target
    • It gives low damage and shields but can be used to access back row Axies
    • It isn’t that good on a Beast because they are primarily tank killers, which are usually in the front
  • Death Mark applies the debuff “Lethal” on an enemy if the user is at 30% health or below
    • It deals decent damage and gives a bit of shield
    • Its effect is hard to activate on a Beast because of their squishiness 
    • Other high-damage mouth cards are better and more consistent
  • Juggling Balls strikes the enemy with 3 balls that deal 40 damage each
    • Each ball counts as an action (for activating Poison debuffs) and can critically strike
    • Has relatively low damage when compared to other back cards
    • Only really viable in poison teams


Cards in this tier aren’t good to have on a Beast.

  • Rampant Howl has high damage and provides decent shields
    • Effect is really hard to activate 
    • Morale+ isn’t a great debuff to have
  • Merry Legion has low damage and good shields; the shield increases when it’s played in a chain
    • Beasts are usually placed in a team to counter the enemy tank, not to take damage
    • Shields won’t be as useful and chaining isn’t likely because there’s usually only one Beast in a team
  • Woodman Power has low damage but high shields
    • Beasts don’t need shields because their main goal is to shred the tank
  • Self Rally is a zero-cost card that increases the user’s Morale by 40% for two rounds
    • The Morale of a Beast is already high
    • Self Rally takes up the mouth slot and can inhibit the Beast’s already inconsistent damage output

See all season 18 card tier lists here.

Did I miss anything? Do you think there are cards that don’t belong in their tiers? Comment down below what you think the tier list should look like!

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