Card Spotlight: Sunder Armor

In this article, I’ll be putting the spotlight on the Bird card, “Sunder Armor..”

Sunder Armor

As of December 2021, this card has 40 base damage, provides 90 shields, and costs 1 energy. It also grants the user 20% additional shields for each debuff they possess.

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How Is Sunder Armor Used?

This card is used mainly to provide shields to the user and catch opponents off-guard with the sheer amount of defense it provides.

Sunder Armor is effective against teams that inflict tons of debuffs. Poison teams inflict stacks upon stacks of Poison, so using Sunder Armor provides insane amounts of shields.

What Kind of Axies/Teams Use Sunder Armor?

Despite belonging to the Bird class, most of the Axies that use this card are tanky/utility Axies, not Birds themselves. Because Birds are an offensive class, they have no use for low-damage, high-shield cards.

Pros and Cons of the Sunder Armor Card


  • provides great shields
  • gains 20% more shields for each debuff


  • deals low damage
  • effect only works if the enemy team has debuffs.

Sunder Armor Card Synergies

  • Eggbomb
  • because Eggbomb self-inflict Aroma and Attack- respectively, Sunder Armor grants more shields.
  • Air Force One, Blackmail, Early Bird, Eggbomb, Headshot, Heart Break, Ill-omened, Insectivore, Patient Hunter, Peace Treaty, Soothing Song
  • high-damage Bird cards that when paired with Sunder Armor creates a damage dealer Bird Axie with a good defensive card.

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