Axie Infinity: Pure Axies vs Impure Axies

If there’s one thing most beginners know about Axie Infinity, it’s that they should always look for pure Axies. Even I used to believe that pure Axies could dominate.

While there may be some truth to that notion, there are many ways to conquer in PvP matches. 

This guide is about the pureness of Axies and I’ll be answering the question, “Should I buy pure or impure Axies in Axie Infinity?

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What Are Pure Axies?

All of the Axie’s body parts should be from the same class for it to be considered a pure Axie

Take this an example of a pure Axie:

As you can see, the Beast Axie has 6 Beast body parts. Therefore we can call it pure because all the body parts come from the same class.

The Axie and the body parts do not have to be in the same class to be pure. We can consider an Axie pure once ALL its body parts come from ONE class (e.g., an Aqua with 6 Bird body parts is also pure).

What Are The Benefits of a Pure Axie?

It’s like completing a puzzle, except that the puzzle is an Axie. Piecing together all the correct body parts in an Axie provides benefits that are useful in combat.

Pure Axie Damage Buff

When playing a card from its class, an Axie gets an additional 10% damage and shield buff (e.g. a Beast Axie uses a Beast card). 

However, the Axie does not have to be pure. As long as the card used is the same class as the Axie, there will be a 10% buff (e.g., an Aqua Axie with Beast and Aqua body parts uses an Aqua card = an additional 10% buff from the Aqua card but not from the Beast card).

Pure Axies benefit from this buff because ALL of their cards get a 10% buff. 

Full Use of Class Advantages

The RPS (Rock-Paper-Scissors) analogy or class advantage is an in-game mechanic where a class can deal 15% additional damage against another class.

If you’re not familiar with class advantages, use this image as a reference:

Class Advantages and Disadvantages (RPS Analogy)
RPS Class Analogy

Pure Axies have the upper hand when it comes to class advantages. For example, if a Pure Beast attacks a Plant Axie, all card attacks will deal an extra 15% damage.

Pure Axies Are Cheap

Between August and September 2021, pure Axies have become the standardized meta picks in Axie Infinity. You would often see teams of pure Axies in PvP because they’re relatively cheap, robust, and easy to use.

Pure Aquas became popular in seasons 17 and 18 because of their versatility in PvP. However, after pure Aquas became in demand, breeders overpopulated the market making their price drop. 

You can buy a pure Aqua for as low as $250.

What Are Impure Axies?

Impure Axies are the counterparts of pure Axies. The class of the Axie and its body parts differ in classes, so it’s possible to have 6 body parts with different classes in a single Axie.

Floor Axies

The term floor Axies refer to the cheapest Axies in the market. You can usually find floor Axies when you set the search filter to 0 pureness and the lowest price.

Floor Axies are currently priced below $230. Anything above that price range is generally a pure Axie or an impure meta Axie.

A misconception about floor Axies is that they are ridiculously cheap because they’re not suitable for PvP. They are mistaken for being incompetent in battle, but they can make a massive impact in PvP when used correctly.

This Reptile Axie has only ONE Reptile body part, which is Tiny Turtle. All the other body parts come from Aqua, Plant, and Bug classes.

Therefore, we can consider this Reptile Axie to be impure
The Axie is also sold at $120-$140, which is generally low for any Axie in the market. Because of its cheap cost, we can also consider it to be a floor Axie.

Around 1200 MMR, Aquas and Birds are common backline Axies. These classes are best known for being fast and destructive.

Our Reptile Axie here can tank out the damage from Aquas and Birds. It can even regenerate energy, stun and slow enemies, and buff its attacks.

High MMR Axies

Not only are floor Axies impure, but high MMR players also use impure Axies.

Strategic players creatively breed their Axies, mixing body parts and abilities that they deem fit for combat.

Terminator Axie with Cards - 1
Terminator Axie

An infamous example of a meta impure Axie is the Terminator Reptile. 

This particular Axie is a cold-blooded duelist. It can take on any kind of opponent and still come out victorious.

What makes Terminator Reptiles so deadly is the diversity and synergy of the body parts.

The Mystic Rush ability applies a Speed- debuff to the target. Allergic Reaction benefits from that debuff and deals 130% damage to the enemy. 

The Terminator also has two stun abilities, one for defensive and the other for offensive purposes. In other words, this Axie is hard to kill, yet capable of knocking you out within a few rounds.

You can easily tell that an impure Axie doesn’t necessarily mean that it is weak. The Terminator is an example of where impurities create a stronger Axie.

You can read more about Terminator Reptiles here:

Axie Infinity: How To Counter Terminators

Do I Buy Impure or Pure Axies?

Now that you know the difference between pure and impure Axies, I’ll help you answer the question, “Should you buy pure Axies?

Starter Teams for New Players (Pure Axies)

If you’re new to the game and want a team to practice with, you should buy pure Axies. Pure Axies are great for being simple and easy to learn.

Starter teams are typically composed of pure Axies. A traditional lineup for 1200 MMR is the ABP (Aqua-Beast-Plant) or BBP (Bird-Beast-Plant) team.

Aqua – Beast – Plant lineup

Let’s breakdown the ABP lineup:

  • Plant Tank
    • Pure Plants have the most HP in-game, making them tanks that soak damage
    • Plants usually have energy stealing abilities that cripple the enemy’s capability to attack
  • Beast Burst Damage
    • Pure Beasts are the perfect attackers against plants because of their class advantage
    • One full card combo can knock out the enemy Plant tank
    • This pure Beast has a RIMP (Ronin-Imp) build, which can deal high damage and while regaining the energy consumed
  • Backline Aqua
    • Backline Aquas duel the remaining Axies of the enemy team
    • Pure Aquas can kill the enemy Beast with 3 high-damage cards
    • This Aqua has a Shoal Star body part, which can prevent the enemy Beast from going into last stand (a state in which the Axie can play a few cards before being knocked out)

I suggest that you look for pure Axie teams like this. Then, thoroughly browse the market and you’ll eventually find the best pure Axies for a low price.

Moving to Meta Axies (Impure Axies)

After learning techniques and tactics in PvP, players can swap their starter Axies for meta Axies. Meta Axies are usually impure because they have diverse yet highly synergized body parts.

It’s best to move to more creative setups such as teams that center around poison, bug signal, sustain, and so much more.

Plant – Reptile – Plant lineup

This is Lord Chuthulhu’s poison Axie team. The core body parts of these impure Axies are Yam, Garish Worm, and Grass Snake which applies poison on the enemy.

Note: Impure meta Axies are way more expensive than pure Axies.

Let’s breakdown the PBP team:

  • Yam Plant
    • Yam can inflict poison on enemies that attack the Axie
    • The Plant also has Disguise, a Bug body part that generates energy when paired with a Plant card
    • Has an energy stealing ability
  • Poison Reptile
    • The primary damage dealer of the team
    • Has a backdoor ability (Smart Shot) that allows it to poison (Venom Spray) the midline Axie 
    • 2 high-damage abilities (Terror Chomp and Blackmail)
  • Furball Plant
    • Furball hits the enemy multiple times in one card
      • For each Furball hit, poisoned Axies take damage because every hit counts as an action
    • Has a backdoor ability that allows it to poison the backline Axie (Sneaky Raid)
    • Headshot disables the enemy Axie’s horn abilities

You can easily see how the different abilities complement the goal of poisoning enemies. Meta teams like this take creative methods to win a match.

What do YOU think about pure and impure Axies? Did I miss anything? Comment it down below!

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