Axie Infinity Mouth Body Parts List

Looking for a list of the mouth body parts to complete your Axie build?

You’ve come to the right place! Here, you can find all the mouth body parts of an Axie.

If you haven’t read the “Axie Infinity Body Parts List” article, I suggest you check it out first:

Axie Infinity Body Parts List

What Are Axie Mouth Body Parts?

Mouth parts are one of the six current Axie body parts. You can find them at the front of an Axie.

Mouth Body Part of an Axie

Some abilities can be defensive, while others are full-on offensive. It all varies on the Axie class and its purpose in combat.

Axie Mouth Body Parts List

Here is the complete list of all the Axie mouth parts. Currently, there are 24 mouth parts, with 4 per Axie class.

ImageBody PartCard NamePart TypeClassAttack TypeEnergy CostDamageShieldCard Ability
CatfishCatfishSwallowMouthAquaticMelee18030Heal this Axie by the damage inflicted with this card.
LamLamAngry LamMouthAquaticMelee111040Deal 120% damage when this Axie’s HP is below 50%.
PiranhaPiranhaCrimson WaterMouthAquaticMelee112030Target injured Axie if this Axie’s HP is below 50%.
Risky FishRisky FishFish HookMouthAquaticMelee111030Apply Attack+ to this Axie when attacking Plant, Reptile, or Dusk targets.
Axie KissDeath MarkMouthBeastRanged110030Apply Lethal to target if this Axie’s HP is below 30%.
ConfidentSelf RallyMouthBeast0040Apply 2 Morale+ to this Axie for 2 rounds.
GodaPiercing SoundMouthBeastRanged18040Destroy 1 of your opponent’s energy.
Nut CrackerNut CrackMouthBeastMelee110530Deal 120% damage when comboed with another “Nut Cracker” card.
DoubletalkSoothing SongMouthBirdRanged1800Apply Sleep to target.
Hungry BirdInsectivoreMouthBirdMelee111040Target Bug class enemy if this Axie’s HP is below 50%.
Little OwlDark SwoopMouthBirdMelee1250Target fastest enemy.
Peace MakerPeace TreatyMouthBirdMelee112030Apply Attack- on target.
Cute BunnyTerror ChompMouthBugMelee112030Apply Fear to target for 2 turns when played in a Chain.
MosquitoBlood TasteMouthBugMelee17040Heal this Axie by the damage inflicted with this card.
PincerSunder ClawMouthBugMelee0200Randomly discard 1 card from your enemy’s hand.
Square TeethMite BiteMouthBugMelee0300Add 100% more damage when comboed with another card.
HerbivoreVegan DietMouthPlantMelee17575Heal this Axie by the damage this card inflicts on a Plant target.
SeriousVegetal BiteMouthPlantMelee13030Steal 1 energy from your opponent when comboed with another card.
Silent WhiperForest SpiritMouthPlant1040Heal front teammate for 190 HP.
ZigZagDrain BiteMouthPlantMelee16060Heal this Axie by the damage this card inflicts.
KotaroKotaro BiteMouthReptileMelee18020Gain 1 energy if target is faster than this Axie.
Razor BiteWhy So SeriousMouthReptileMelee19050Heal this Axie by damage inflicted with this card to Aquatic targets.
Tiny TurtleChompMouthReptileMelee18050Apply Stun to enemy when comboed with at least 2 additional cards.
Toothless BiteSneaky RaidMouthReptileMelee12040Target furthest enemy.

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