How To Choose Your Starter Axies

Axie Infinity is one of the top play-to-earn NFT games on the market right now. With its easy-to-learn but deep game mechanics, cutesy art style, and high return potential, it’s no wonder it has skyrocketed in popularity and has seated itself comfortably in the limelight.

As players flock to the game, many more would-be players have begun seeking scholarships and turning their pockets inside-out looking for the capital to form their own teams. 

If you’re one of them, you may be left wondering “How do I even start?” Look no further, as we will arm you with the knowledge to set you off on your quest for the highly coveted Smooth Love Potion!

Once you scrape together the cash to buy a team, your very next question will be “But…which axies should I buy?”

This is actually a critical question because not all Axies are created equal! 

While you want to stay near the price floor, simply buying the very cheapest Axies you can find is likely to produce a low-quality team that will have a hard time winning matches. 

In other words, it’s a bad investment. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here is a guide to help you make great choices for your first team.

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What Should I Look for When Choosing My First Axie Team?

These are the key decision factors when choosing your first team of Axies.

Buy Adults, Not Eggs

Eggs don’t have any stats and are not easily examined under most circumstances, which makes adult Axies the better buy when it comes to the marketplace. Eggs are also similar to “loot boxes” and Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, “you’ll never know what you’ll get.”

Axies that Have 0/7 Breeds

Axies that have been bred are valued lower because there is a limit to how much a single Axie can breed in the game (7 times) and the cost of breeding rises sharply each time it’s done.  

If you buy an axie that hasn’t been bred yet, you can earn money through breeding should you choose to do so. This is a non-issue if you have no plans to breed Axies. 

6/6 Pureness Axies

Pureness is the measure of how many parts have the same class as the body of an Axie. If an Axie is completely pure, its move set is most likely balanced and synergizes well because the moves they can use are dictated by the parts that make them up (with the exception of the eyes and ears). 

Axies enjoy a bonus when using the same card type as their own, for example, a Beast axie that uses a Beast move will enjoy 10% more damage and shield from that card.

Buying purebred Axies isn’t mandatory and it won’t negatively affect your gameplay (for the most part). But even though they cost a bit more extra than their mixed counterparts, pure axies will save you both time and effort, translating into more money down the road.

Here is an example of what filters you should have on the marketplace:

Near or at Floor Price Axies

Floor price means the cheapest Axies in their class So if you’re a new player and haven’t done much research into the game, buying cheap but high-quality axies is a good way to start. 

Worst-case scenario, you can sell them back for the same price (hopefully) or with a minimal loss depending on the market conditions at the time. Best-case scenario, you get more bang for your buck and gain more SLP. 

Axies that Are Good in Combat

A team usually consists of: 

1) a “tank” axie that soaks up damage 

2) a support axie that gives utility to the team, and

3) a backline axie that deals tons of damage 

Plant and Reptile are the go-to classes for tanks since they have more health and their cards enable them to survive the harshest of beatings. 

Bug and Beast are good utility classes since they can give you additional energy or exhaust them from your opponent. They can also act as secondary damage dealers since they have the potential to deal more critical hits and have a higher chance of entering Last Stand due to their high morale. 

Finally, Aquas and Birds are common backline options due to their speed and the high base damage of their moves. These Axies punish squishy enemies and consistently whittle down the defenses of your opponent.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Axies

Buying the Cheapest Axie You Can Find

Cheap Axies are cheap for a reason; they’re bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of quality. Their moves are likely all over the place and have no synergy. You’re better off spending a little bit more money buying better Axies than wasting your time with bottom-feeders. 

It doesn’t hurt to shop around and you may find the occasional diamond in the rough, but Axies with rock-bottom prices are usually not worth your time.

Remember, the Axie marketplace is full of other players and investors who (mostly) know what they’re doing. The market has its own intelligence, like eBay and other auctions. So you can expect the pricing to be rational in most cases. 

Prioritize Axies with Parts and Cards that are from Different Class Types

While platypuses look cute in real life, they won’t be getting you tons of SLP in the arena anytime soon. As I said earlier, pure Axies enjoy the synergy they gain from their moves. 

Axies that have mixed parts also have a high chance that their moves won’t complement each other, or will be hard to use in most circumstances. 

There are impure Axies that are still good for a starter account, but if you: 

  • have the extra money
  • plan to play for a long time 
  • plan to climb the ranks in the arena 

Then you should definitely buy purebred Axies. 

Buy Axies with 2 or More Zero Cost Cards

Zero-cost cards usually lose their impact as the match progresses. Drawing multiple of these cards at the same time could also spell defeat for your team if drawn at an inopportune time. 

An extra zero cost card could also take up the slot a potential 1+ cost card could have, decreasing the chance you get good attack/defense moves. 

These cards are hit or miss, depending on the state of the game and the axie you are using. Having one zero cost card between two Axies is more than enough.

Pro Tips for Buying Your First Axies

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money

Axie Infinity isn’t just a game, it’s also an investment. You will be spending an initial sum of hundreds of dollars in order to recruit the Axies that are right for you and your team. 

If you play your cards right, consistently hit your quotas, and finish your daily quests, you’ll get your money back in no time! 

Buying strong Axies that do well in the arena will also let you play at a higher Matchmaking Rating (MMR), which in turn increases the amount of SLP you earn per win.

Choose Axies that You Think You’ll Be Able to Play Well

A lot of strategy is needed in order to ensure that you’re playing as efficiently and effectively as possible. Like other pet-raising and fighting games, classes have advantages over other classes in the form of a 15% damage boost.

It’s also important to note that these bonuses stack with the aforementioned 10% bonus, meaning a Plant axie that uses a Plant move against an Aqua axie will have a 25% damage bonus. 

Each class has different specialized attributes. For example, Aqua and Bird Axies are fast and usually attack first, while Plant and Reptile Axies are tank-y and take more damage. An Axie’s move set is also important, because synergy plays a huge role in battles, and often decides the victor in matches.

Class Advantages and Disadvantages (RPS Analogy)

Do Lots of Research

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You are shelling out a lot of money before you can start earning, so doing research on how the game works as well as what to buy with your initial investment is of great importance. 

The fact that you’re reading this article right now is a good step towards reaching those sweet, sweet Smooth Love Potions. Study the game mechanics down to a T, as well as different cards and combos, and your win rate in the arena will get a boost.

Last but definitely not least…

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Choosing your starter Axies may be a stressful and anxious experience, but try not to dwell on it too much. If for some reason buying starter Axies doesn’t go as planned, you can still earn SLP! 

It may take a little bit more effort, strategy, and time to win matches, but it won’t be the end of the world. Just keep grinding for those love potions and you’ll be consistently earning money before you know it.

My Personal Recommendations for Starter Teams


Pros: 2 Aquas ensure a high damage output and their speed advantage usually lets you make the first move, and the Plants are the tankiest class while also beginner-friendly. The cards in the Plant class give large amounts of shields, healing, or energy steal/gain. This team also has little to no reliance on your card draws, since their moves are strong on their own, providing good damage and decent shielding.

Cons: They lack utility moves and rely mostly on their damage, so if that doesn’t work, you’ll have a tough time against your opponent.


Pros: In this team, with the addition of the Beast, utility is more present with the energy destroy and gain of Beast moves, as well as providing one of the highest (if not THE highest) damaging moves in the game with the combo potential of their cards. Beasts also counter Plants, one of the most common Axies used, shredding tanks in one combo.

Cons: Unlike the Aqua-Aqua-Plant, Beasts are slower than Aquas and are more reliant on card draws to obtain the necessary moves for their combos.

Moves to Look For in Axies

By using the part filter in the marketplace, you can easily search for the following moves.

Aqua (Avg. Price as of writing: ~$691; 6/6 Pure, 0/7 Breed Count)

Star Shuriken

Star Shuriken (Horn) Cost: 1 –
115 /10 Target cannot enter Last Stand if this card brings its HP to zero. 

Fish Hook

Fish Hook (Mouth) Cost: 1 – 110/30 Apply Attack+ to this Axie when attacking Plant, Reptile, or Dusk targets.

Swift Escape

Swift Escape (Back) Cost: 1 – 110/20 Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when attacked.

Upstream Swim

Upstream Swim (Tail) Cost: 1 – 110/30 Apply Speed+ to this Axie for 2 rounds when comboed with another Aquatic class card.

Tail Slap

Tail Slap (Tail) Cost: 0 – 30/0 Gain 1 energy when comboed with another card.

Plant (Avg. Price as of writing: ~$611; 6/6 Pure, 0/7 Breed Count) 

Healing Aroma

Healing Aroma (Horn) Cost: 1 – 0/40 Heal this Axie for 120 HP.

Vegetal Bite

Vegetal Bite (Mouth) Cost: 1 – 30/30 Steal 1 energy from your opponent when comboed with another card.

October Treat

October Treat (Back) Cost: 1 – 0/115 Draw a card if this Axie’s shield doesn’t break this round.

Carrot Hammer

Carrot Hammer (Tail) Cost: 1– 70/40 Draw a card if this Axie’s shield doesn’t break this round. 

Beast (Avg. Price as of writing: ~$645; 6/6 Pure, 0/7 Breed Count)

Ivory Stab

Ivory Stab (Horn) Cost: 1– 70/20 Gain 1 energy per critical strike dealt by your team this round.

Nut Crack

Nutcrack (Mouth) Cost: 1 – 105/30 Deal 120% damage when comboed with another ‘Nut Cracker’ card. 

Single Combat

Single Combat (Back) Cost: 1 – 75/0 Guaranteed critical strike when comboed with at least 2 other cards.

Nut Throw

Nut Throw (Tail) Cost: 1 – 105/30 Deal 120% damage when comboed with another ‘Nut Cracker’ card. 

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