You Can Do It! : A Guide On The Morale Stat

Similar to other similar games like Pokemon, an Axie’s traits and stats are extremely important when it comes to gameplay, as they dictate whether it finds success in battles or get defeated by much stronger opponents. 

Morale is one of those stats.

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What is Morale?

Morale is a stat in Axie Infinity that influences the chances of an Axie landing a critical hit, or entering what’s known as “Last Stand,” a state where even if an Axie’s health points are reduced to zero, it can still play a certain number of cards and take hits, depending on how much Morale that Axie has.

Morale is an important stat to certain classes in the game, specifically the Beast class, with their critical strike-reliant cards such as Ivory Stab and Sinister Strike. 

Ivory Stab
Sinister Strike

What Does Morale Do?

Morale is an important stat because it increases your chances of landing a critical hit, which is always a welcome occurrence in the arena. 

It also increases the maximum damage difference between the attack that reduces an Axie’s health to zero, and its remaining HP, needed to enter Last Stand (it’s calculated as [Final Blow – Remaining HP] < [Remaining HP x Morale/100]).

It also adds more “ticks” to the bar that replaces an Axie’s health bar during Last Stand. These ticks are depicted as bar segments, and correspond to one action per tick, meaning they are consumed if there is an action done on the field. Attacks consume 2 ticks if they land. 

What Influences the Morale Stat?

There are two main ways you can increase Morale in the game.

Base Stats

An Axie’s base class and its body parts dictate how much of each stat it has, namely Health, Skill, Speed, and Morale. Each class has its own base stats that could then be improved by body parts, depending on the class of that body part.

ClassBase MoraleStats Provided by Body Parts per Class
Aqua27+3 Speed, +1 Health
Beast43+3 Morale, +1 Speed
Bird35+3 Speed, +1 Morale
Bug39+3 Morale, +1 Health
Plant35+3 Health, +1 Morale
Reptile35+3 Health, +1 Speed
Dawn31No class body part
Dusk31No class body part
Mech27No class body part

As seen in the table above, Beasts have the highest base Morale among the classes at 42, followed by Bug at 39. Beast and Bug body parts also provide the most Morale with +3 per part. 

While both classes lack Health, the amount of Morale they have enables them to dish out more damage through crits, while also having the highest chance of entering Last Stand.

Card Effects

There are cards that can temporarily boost or reduce the Morale stat. Beast cards Self Rally and Rampant Howl apply Morale+ to the user for two rounds, increasing Morale by 20% per stack. 

Self Rally
Rampant Howl

On the other hand, the Bird card Heart Break inflicts Morale- to the enemy for two rounds, reducing Morale by 20% per stack.


Morale is an important stat for Axies, because of its influence over the number of critical hits an Axie could do, as well as how likely it enters Last Stand. While it may not be the most reliable out of all the stats, it could bring you success if you’re lucky. 

However, I still suggest not testing your luck and opt for a team that can be played consistently and isn’t reliant on chance for better results.

Pro Tips:

  • Boosting your Morale before an attack increases your chances of landing a critical hit
  • When playing a combo that includes Morale+, play that card first to utilize the additional Morale with the following moves.
  • You can also increase Morale before your Axie is taken out to increase the chance of it entering Last Stand
  • There are hybrid Axies that could have high Morale, even though their class aren’t necessarily focused on that stat specifically

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