Power UP!: A Guide To Leveling Up Axies

Leveling Axies up is very important if you want to win more battles in adventure and get more Smooth Love Potion. 

The higher an Axie’s level is, the stronger it gets, making ruins in adventure mode easier.

In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to quickly level up your Axies. 

This also serves as an Axie Infinity EXP farming guide.

If you need a guide on how to play adventure, click here.

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Why Should I Level Up My Axies?

It’s true that using all your energy in the arena could mean more SLP, but if you do so, you will keep your Axies at a low level. This will cause you to grind harder in adventure.

It will take you around 4-5 hours just to get the maximum daily SLP rewards in adventure if you get stuck on the lower ruins. 

Adventure mode works by pitting you against monsters that gradually get stronger as the ruin level gets higher. This also means that there are more rewards waiting for you as you delve deeper into the ruins of Lunacia.

Higher ruins give more SLP and If you conquer ruins 21 and 36, it will reward you with 200 and 300 SLP respectively.

The promise of more SLP in the arena when you first start is tempting, but you don’t want to keep grinding the starting ruins, trust me. 

By leveling your Axies, you can save time, use all your energy, and complete your daily quest in just a couple of hours.

Most players advise using up all your energy in Adventure during the first 1-2 weeks so you can level your Axies up, making grinding ruins easier. You can also get a better understanding of game mechanics before heading in the arena.

How Do I Level Up My Axies?

In order for you to gain levels on your Axies, you must play adventure mode with energy so you can get EXP. Playing adventure without energy will only reward you with SLP.

Focusing all of your energy on adventure when you first start playing the game will ensure that your Axies will quickly level up, at the cost of possible SLP gains in the arena. 

This will definitely be worth it in the long run, since stronger Axies save you time and effort in adventure mode.

How Can I Farm EXP?

A general rule of thumb when it comes to farming EXP is to keep climbing the ruins. If you hit a snag and you can’t beat the ruin, farm EXP from the ruin below it until your Axies are stronger.

However, it’s important to know that EXP isn’t proportional to the difficulty of the ruin. These are the EXP rewards from each ruin:

  • Ruin 1: 51 EXP
  • Ruin 2: 59 EXP
  • Ruin 3: 111 EXP
  • Ruin 4: 118 EXP
  • Ruin 5: 141 EXP
  • Ruin 6: 199 EXP
  • Ruin 7: 256 EXP
  • Ruin 8: 237 EXP
  • Ruin 9: 282 EXP
  • Ruin 10: 300 EXP
  • Ruin 11: 344 EXP
  • Ruin 12: 429 EXP
  • Ruin 13: 378 EXP
  • Ruin 14: 347 EXP
  • Ruin 15: 358 EXP
  • Ruin 16: 402 EXP
  • Ruin 17: 367 EXP
  • Ruin 18: 446 EXP
  • Ruin 19: 434 EXP
  • Ruin 20: 401 EXP
  • Ruin 21: 644 EXP (Boss Ruin)
  • Ruin 22: 449 EXP
  • Ruin 23: 618 EXP
  • Ruin 24: 582 EXP
  • Ruin 25: 618 EXP
  • Ruin 26: 797 EXP
  • Ruin 27: 735 EXP
  • Ruin 28: 759 EXP
  • Ruin 29: 800 EXP
  • Ruin 30: 1209 EXP
  • Ruin 31: 810 EXP
  • Ruin 32: 724 EXP
  • Ruin 33: 891 EXP
  • Ruin 34: *Currently Unknown*
  • Ruin 35: 805 EXP
  • Ruin 36: 820 EXP

As you may have noticed, there are ruins that have a higher level but give less EXP. That’s because there are ruins that serve as milestones.

For example, Ruin 13 only gives 378 EXP but Ruin 12 gives 429. Ruins 14 and 15 give less than Ruin 13. Consulting this guide from time to time will give you an idea of where you can efficiently farm the most EXP.

Take note that not every team will have the same experience when it comes to adventure because there are Axies that perform differently between the two modes. 

Fortunately, understanding your team inside and out will give you the edge in both arena and adventure.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate into your gameplay and make the leveling process much easier.

Distribute Your Energy

For regular players that own their team, focus on leveling up your Axies during the first week or so. Ruins with higher rewards will be easier to accomplish (you spend less time grinding) and claiming the SLP bonus before heading to the arena is ideal.

For scholars that have a daily quota, you could spend some energy in the arena and use the rest in adventure. Using just enough energy so you can meet your quota enables you to level your team up, but at a slower pace compared to those who actually own their Axies.

Get More Energy

Having a certain number of Axies in your account gives you more energy, therefore letting you level up faster, or gain more SLP in the arena. However, this is expensive and won’t be as viable if you are not the account owner.

If you can shell out the extra cash, it will be extremely beneficial in the long run, especially if you receive a lot of SLP per win. You can also form teams that specialize in different areas or modes (a team that is specifically for adventure, and another for arena).

Assemble a Great Team

Having a team that is good in both adventure and arena is another way of easily leveling up Axies without spending too much money. 

Because an Axie’s level gets reset when it is traded or transferred, having a team that has the best of both worlds will enable you to dominate both PvE and PvP. 

I recommend getting a team with the right balance of utility, tankiness, and damage. Having a good combination of these three ensures that you will find success in most ruins without compromising your matches in the arena.

Pro Tips:

  • Keep a list of how much EXP each ruin provides handy for your reference
  • For scholars, asking your manager to lessen your daily quota will enable you to have more energy to level your Axies
  • You can stop leveling your Axies if you already have a ruin you are comfortable farming and you don’t want to grind for the bonus SLP in Ruins 21, and 36
  • Don’t force yourself to keep grinding in low-level ruins because it will only burn you out, never sacrifice your well-being for SLP

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