Loaded Gamer Has Acquired Gamedex.co to Strengthen Its Play-to-Earn Games Content

Loaded Gamer’s acquisition of Gamedex.co is their next step toward accomplishing their goal of promoting the popular play-to-earn gaming environment. Gamedex.co facilitated exciting multiplayer games and helped gamers find new titles.

Loaded Gamer’s mission is to introduce over one million gamers to play-to-earn games, with the aim to help them navigate this new class of games from getting started through mastery. With play-to-earn games, players can own digital assets but also earn rewards for playing with them in certain titles.

The Gamdex.co domain will fortify Loaded Gamer’s position as a leader in a rapidly developing mobile and web-based gaming environment. Loaded Gamer distributes helpful articles, videos and full walk-throughs of games to help new players get oriented and help veteran players gain an edge on their competition.  

Play-to-earn games could bring digital identity, assets, and ownership into players’ hands as the gaming industry is transforming. This is how a new generation of video games may introduce shifts that create a wide variety of emerging digital environments and forms of value creation.

Loaded Gamer is on a mission to create a gaming ecosystem that is open, fair, and transparent, and where everyone is empowered to create, contribute, and effect positive change.

Some great places to start in exploring the new Loaded Gamer site are the card spotlights, the beginner’s section, concepts and pro tips.

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